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PLAYERMON 200X Play to Earn NFT Game | IDO, BIG Investors, Airdrop, NFT Egg Sale, Dex Listing + MORE

0:00 What’s goin on, theAPEcoach from 6 Pack Gaming where we bring you the best play to earn nft games and new metaverse projects.

Today we’re covering some big updates for Playermon, this is one I’ve been covering for a few weeks, before it was getting much attention…

Now it’s starting to blow up, the IDOs are underway, and this thing is an EASY 200X coming with the launch of Playermon Play to Earn NFT Game (Touted as the NEXT Axie Infinity!)

1:22 Overview of Playermon Features:
– Tamigotchi inspired Spaceden Game
– PvE Storymode
– PvP Arena with MMR Rankings
– Cross-planet mining
– Breeding, Evolution, Scholarships
– Planet NFT Homebase Ownership
– Open world Metaverse
– Player designed assets
– Pokemon, meets Animal Crossing, meets Axie Infinity in an openworld space metaverse!

3:25 Playermon HUGE Partnerships and Investors
– OxBull, PolkaBridge, EnjinStarter, Polygon, @CryptoBanterGroup Banter Capital, and dozens more

4:25 Launchpad Playermon $PYM IDO on 4 separate Launchpads!
– Nov 18 PolkaBridge – SOLD OUT under 30 seconds!
– Nov 18 GameStation – SOLD OUT
– Nov 19 EnjinStarter
– Nov 20 OxBull (Average ATH ROI = 197.7X)
– Playermon NFT Game easy 200X

6:40 Public Dex Listing on QuickSwap and TGE Nov 22nd
– Strategy to buy $PYM on the Public DEX listing on QuickSwap
– Not Financial Advice DYOR

9:08 Playermon NFT Egg Sale Dec 3rd!

Playermon NFT Egg Sale Info
– Limited supply only 24,000 Eggs will be sold to whitelist players
– 300 $PYM per egg
– 3 Playermons for 1 team
– NFT Egg Sale Dec. 3-5, 2021

10:43 CoinMarketCap x Playermon Metaverse NFT Airdrop x500 FREE NFTs
– Let me know if you won one of these 500 Free Playermon NFTs!

11:30 Playermon Spaceden Tamigotchi Inspired Gameplay

12:13 Playermon PvP Battle Gameplay

12:54 More announcements, Updates, and Giveaways to come!

== Playermon Info ==

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group:

$PYM: Governance + Utility Token
$SGEM: Fees + Rewards Token

– Valued at 0.03ETH
– Initial NFT Launch Nov 22nd on OpenSea

15:10 COMMENT BELOW if you want me to do an NFT Giveaway for an upcoming Play to Earn game in my next video!!
– 50 Likes + Comments = $250USD value NFT GIVEAWAY!

15:55 Playermon Video Recap

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download PLAYERMON 200X Play to Earn NFT Game | IDO, BIG Investors, Airdrop, NFT Egg Sale, Dex Listing + MORE

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  1. hey ape, might be a scam. be careful, their page info are not verified and many are fake i believe.

  2. so… the price has drop from 0.23 to 0.16… its still a x100????

  3. This game look so promising and and so good looking forward to this and more videos from you brother keep it up!!

  4. A giveaway would be fantastic man, and big thx for the research Playermon looks promising

  5. Hi great video and information.

    When i buy from public Dex few tokens and keep them, can they also raise? If many poeple play this game?

    Thank you 🙂

  6. not much hope on the eggs too, but public dex might be it for me, thanks for the tips!

  7. This game looks sick! Can't wait to play it! If Banter Capital degens are in so am i!

  8. Will there be a chance that you'll be featuring NFT Battle Miners? It's a PVP metaverse card game under WAX blockchain and people shouldn't miss it as well.

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