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Poligan’s $3 million cost to capture Solana’s NFTs

According to the announcement on January 6, the production team of the two series “y00ts” and “DeGods”, Paligan network has paid 3 million dollars to persuade this team to transfer its two series from Solana network to Paligan. The statement was posted on the project’s official Discord server and was retweeted by Frank III, the founder of the two projects.

y00ts team’s statement regarding the transfer to Paligan network

According to Valx and quoted by Coin Telegraph, the developers of these two projects had previously announced the transfer of the collections to the Polygon network in late December. This news was seen as a nail in the coffin of Solana Network’s NFT ecosystem. This network was under a lot of pressure after the collapse of the FTX exchange. At the time, there was no evidence other than speculation that the production team received money for the transfer.

In Frank III’s new statement, he claims that the project team has received more impressive offers than the Polygon network figure, but has identified Polygon as a more suitable destination for the future development of its NFT token. In response to the criticisms of the Solana user community, Frank added:

We did not accept this offer because of the money. This amount was a double bonus and we will use it effectively. We did this because we thought it was the most exciting direction for the y00ts project. If you’re angry, I ask that you ask questions before assuming the worst.

Frank also emphasized that he will not use this money for personal gain and will use it to develop the team and hire skilled human resources in the areas of business development, graphic design, content production and event coordination.

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