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Polkadat and Kusama were at the forefront of the technical development of digital currencies

Polkadat (DOT) is a blockchain and digital currency of the same name that has a forward-looking vision of the future of the blockchain world. Despite the fact that this ecosystem had a moderate growth in 2023 compared to other altcoins, it has once again attracted the attention of developers as a worthy competitor to Ethereum.

According to Valx and quoted by, one of the strengths of the Polkadat ecosystem is its focus on inter-network interaction and cooperation. Despite the fact that the connection between a native and secure network has not yet become a practical reality, but the introduction of such a feature can greatly help developers and improve the user experience. Inter-network interaction enables seamless and intermediary asset communication and transfer for different blockchains and opens new doors to new cases and applications. For example, it allows the transfer of different currencies without the need for centralized intermediaries or insecure bridges.

It should be noted that the interoperability of Polcadet is currently limited to the blockchains created in its network, known as “parachains”, which can communicate with each other through Polcadet connections. In other words, Polkadot can facilitate communication between different networks in its ecosystem.

Another notable aspect of the Polkadat ecosystem is its experimental sister network called Kusama. This network is a platform for developing and testing new features, before the final implementation in Polkadata. Kusama is built using the Substrate platform, which simplifies the creation of custom parachains.

The Polkadat and Kusama ecosystems have made cryptocurrency networks very attractive to developers. This is well known from the statistics of the Sentiment website.

Polkadata’s analysis on this site shows that this blockchain and its sister network are both leading in terms of the number of commits on GitHub over the past 30 days, with 441.5 points. This criterion is important in evaluating the progress and sustainability of a digital currency project, because it provides the possibility of evaluating the activities performed by developers, such as fixing bugs, implementing new features.

Recent upgrades and newly created parachains probably contributed to this strong performance. For example, recently the Subsocial project won the auction number 37 of Parachin and announced that it intends to migrate from Kusama to Polkadat. Another noteworthy activity was the launch of version 3 of the MantaPay test network by the BitFrost Finance parachain.

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