Raoul Pal With Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko, Talk – Mass Adoption, New Solana Mobile and NFTs

New Interview Highlights Feat Raoul Pal With Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko, Talk Mass Adoption, New Solana Mobile and NFTs #solana #crypto #nft

Real Vision Crypto Highlights From August 22, 2022;
Solana has quickly become the competitor to Ethereum. But how did Solana emerge so suddenly, and why does it matter so much to the larger crypto ecosystem? Raoul goes right to the source – Anatoly Yakovenko, a co-founder and the CEO of the “fastest blockchain in the world” – for answers to those and many more questions.

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  1. Transaction counts don't seem accurate.

    He's talking about bots submitting 100gig speed attacks. What happens when that increases over time?

  2. Not drinking the Kool Aid. We are talking about leader based technology. There has been a trade of speed for security. If you like sybil attacks and ddos attacks, Solana is your huckleberry. Being fixed? Throw an apple in the air and get it to stay there, that's the problem they are working on. No dollars or dollar equivalents of mine will ever step foot on a Solana network.

  3. Kadena is a good crypto to research might be the real eth killer /sol killer 480,000 tps solves trilimma and is pow

  4. I'm a gamer that learned about crypto on my own, I think NFTs in game is great. I was very surprised to hear gamers didn't want it… I knew right then and there that it was just an education gap.

  5. Solana is nice to make some money with.. but it cant be long term .. its not decentralized.. this whole space is built to be decentralized otherwise its just another FIAT ponzi scheme! Infinite supply is never a good thing. Lets see what the future holds.. Maybe that can change

  6. Sol will flip eth in the long race DAU will sky rocket on Sol. They got it. And they got Merch!

  7. Two of my fav guys together.. Anatoly is a true genius….. Solana rocks, so bullish on it. Thanks all

  8. The most important question was not asked: is the Sui & Aptos tech good enough to make Solana redundant? Cause it sure looks like the VCs are preparing to drop Solana for those two. Would love to have had Anatoly's technical take on that. The rest of the interview is just a repeat of stuff we've heard before.

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