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“RZR” web series 3 is produced and published by “Gala Films” company

These days are red carpet and Hollywood awards season. Another red carpet has been rolled out in the crypto world. Brazilian-American actor and filmmaker David Bianchi invited a number of celebrities to a public screening of his upcoming series, RZR.

According to Valx and quoted by Decrypt, Bianchi, who is in charge of creating a series using blockchain technology, said about his prediction of the future of artistic content production:

I strongly believe that within the next three to five years, all of our interactions with the world of music, movies, intellectual property, and even information systems will somehow be connected to the blockchain mechanism.

Read-ahead is a process of film/series pre-production in which actors and agents read the script out loud and practice. Reading is generally held behind closed doors and privately. By publicizing this event, Bianchi sought to change this practice. He said about this:

What about this event? [دورخوانی] What’s unusual is that we’ve made it public. I am very confident in the content of the work, I am very confident in all my collaborations.

RZR series public reading ceremony

The space of the RZR series takes place in a post-utopian Los Angeles, which is full of black hat hackers and the black market of various crimes. David Bianchi He plays a character named “Grimm”, a war veteran and engineer who has connected his body parts to the web with the help of artificial implants.

Bianchi describes the atmosphere of the RZR series as a mixture of the series “Black Mirror”, Mr. Robot and Children of Men.

Bianchi, who has experience working on titles such as Resident Alien and Queen of the South, said that the origin of the idea of ​​this work was a conversation with Sarah Buxton, the chief director of Gala Films, in the summer of 2022. The pre-production stages started quickly after that and Bianchi started writing the script for this web series 3.0. Also, two collections of NFT tokens related to this series were launched.

Gala company, which was established in 2019, operates in the field of entertainment and web 3.0 games. The film production branch of this company named Gala Films is responsible for the production and distribution of the RZR series.

Sarah Buxton said about the company’s new project:

We at Gala are proud to be taking this project forward with David. We continue our mission to help both established and emerging artists. With the help of this series, which is our first project under the title of Gala Films, we are testing a new ground on how to present Web 3.0 entertainment products to the audience, and we are excited for our future projects.

The filming of this series will begin next month. It is expected that this work will be released at the end of this year. This work will take advantage of digital assets such as NFTs and currencies such as Ethereum.

The financing of this work is not provided from NFT token sales, although NFT collections are used to increase awareness and connect with fans. Bianchi added:

Most other independent filmmakers in this space are selling NFTs based on an unspecified project. You sell some NFTs, then you have to hope you get a good movie… you have to hope the project is acceptable and you can distribute it.

Bianchi says he is confident of financing the series and that distribution has been secured through Gala Films. This work will be distributed through a major streaming platform. The name of this platform has not yet been announced. Bianchi said:

We will offer something much more attractive and glamorous to our NFT token holders. I have found the blockchain and NFT community to be extremely influential, knowledgeable, tech-savvy, young and enthusiastic, and passionate about the fine arts. With all that said, I think blockchain’s potential for film is enormous.

The writing of web series 3 “RZR” is produced and published by “Gala Films” company for the first time on Wallex blog. appeared.


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