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Shiba cooperates with Bugatti automobile company

A new tweet from the Shiba Inu Ecosystem’s official account indicates that a new collaboration between this meme coin and the luxury car brand “Bugatti Group” is going to be announced.

According to Valx and quoted by Cryptoglobe, in a tweet addressed to the token’s 3.6 million followers, the project drew the audience’s attention to an announcement in the next few days. This tweet was published along with a video of various Shiboshi images on a handbag and the official Bugatti account was tagged in it. Shibushi is the exclusive NFT token collection of the Shiba Ino ecosystem, which was launched in October 2022.

The Bugatti Group had previously (in November 2022) announced the release of its first NFT collection in collaboration with the famous BAYC collection.

During this collaboration, unique images of NFT tokens will be printed on manufactured bags and luggage and will be available on reputable retail sites. Following this collaboration, the company will invest in physical infrastructure and advanced machinery.

At the time, Andrew Hattem, chief executive of Bugatti, stated that the company is always looking to try new ways and believes that Web 3 is an important part of contemporary culture. The announcement of this cooperation stated as follows:

This new patented technology allows NFT holders to print their own custom profiles on said products.

Shiba’s analysis and on-chain data show that 600 accounts are added to the number of holders of this currency every day. Earlier and last year, this figure was around 1500 addresses. The effects of the bear market on this popular cryptocurrency are evident.

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