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Sol NFT | Honeyland Game | Play and Own Web3 Game | Honeyland Review 2022

Sol NFT | Honeyland Game | Play and Own Web3 Game | Honeyland Review 2022

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Welcome to our Sol NFT Video!

Make Bank With Honeyland
Ways To Earn

Play Honeyland and earn HONEY and NFTs in a number of different ways both actively and passively

Send the right Bees on the right missions to earn the most. Missions can be anything from Harvesting for HONEY, Hunting for NFTs, or Attacking other hives to steal their HONEY. More missions equals more earning.

Landowners can farm their own Land and allow other players to farm on their Land for a commission of the HONEY or NFTs extracted. Bee owners can also rent their Bee NFT to other players.

The Honeyland marketplace allows players to buy, sell, & trade their in-game assets & NFTs. These assets can be used to increase the player’s ability to earn HONEY or can be kept for their resale value.

The Honeyverse
Honeyland is the entry point to a world of games where you can win or earn more Honey and NFTs.

Honeyland is a Play-to-Own game built on the Solana blockchain. This means players must have a Solana wallet in order to play. We recommend players set up a Phantom wallet or use our Social Sign On (SSO) feature to create a new wallet in seconds.

Additionally, players will generally find value in owning Honeyland NFTs in order to maximize their experience. These NFTs can be minted via NFT drops, purchased on the Honeyland marketplace or other secondary marketplaces, or earned during gameplay.

Starter Packs
When players first create their Honeyland account, they’ll use Social Sign On (SSO) to create a new wallet or connect an existing Solana wallet. Once a player has created an account and linked a Solana wallet, they will be given a Starter Pack consisting of a Hive, one (1) Z Generation Queen, three (3) Z Generation Bees, and a few upgrade and gameplay items. Each of these Starter Pack items are NTTs (Non-Tradeable Tokens) that will allow the player to begin playing in Honeyland, but cannot be sold or transfered at any point. Z Generation Bees have the highest recovery time in the game and do not have any Landform specialty.

Free to Play
Players who wish to play Honeyland but cannot or do not want to pay to get started can play for free in two different ways.
Limited Missions / Locked Tokens
For players who wish to play Honeyland with their own Z Generation and other Bees before upgrading, they can do so in a limited capacity.
FTP players will be limited in the following ways:
They will be limited to Harvesting and Hunting missions on Treasury owned Lands with special entry conditions for FTP players.
They can only Attack other FTP players.
They cannot Breed
They cannot swap $HXD into any other currency
They cannot play certain categories of games in the Game Mall (i.e. luck and chance, PvP, etc.)
Once a FTP player chooses to upgrade to the Beemium account, they will immediately have full access to all Honeyland gameplay and items they have earned while in FTP mode.


The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing here shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses a considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

I hope you found value in our Sol NFT video. Make sure to leave a like on the video if you gained value from it!

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