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Solana validators are still trying to set up the network

The suspension of Solana network continued on Saturday, February 25. Validators of this blockchain tried again to restore the service to normal conditions.

According to Wallex and quoted by Coindesk, on Saturday evening New York time, Solana’s validators concluded that the best way to fix the network situation is Synchronize and fork the network to the last correct block before stopping Is.

The first attempt in this direction was abandoned after it became clear that the validators had chosen the wrong point for the launch, and this caused further delays.

The problem that started with the slow processing of transactions in the Solana blockchain, almost led to the complete shutdown of this chain. Currently, block production is completely stopped and transactions are not processed and confirmed.

For users, this means that their assets are completely frozen; Users will not be able to transfer their tokens until the key network infrastructure is back to normal.

Key figures in the Solana ecosystem are still trying to figure out the reason for the freeze. One theory is that a massive block disrupted the blockchain mechanism. It is noteworthy that the network was upgraded shortly before this problem occurred.

At the time of writing, the validators are working together with the senior developers of Solana Foundation to revive the network and have managed to attract 70% of the capital staked in the network to support this issue. In order to advance any such decision, 80% approval (overwhelming majority) is needed.

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