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SOLO Airdrop Setup! (XRP / SOLO Snapshot) – XUMM App, Ledger, DCENT

Today we walk through how to prepare for the SOLO (Sologenic) Airdrop for holders of SOLO and XRP! We cover a number of options including software wallets such as XUMM and also Hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano and DCENT!

Sologenic Gateway (Issuer): rsoLo2S1kiGeCcn6hCUXVrCpGMWLrRrLZz
SOLO Currency Code: 534F4C4F00000000000000000000000000000000 Limit: 400,000,000

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download SOLO Airdrop Setup! (XRP / SOLO Snapshot) – XUMM App, Ledger, DCENT

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  1. Hey when I try to check if I set up my trustline I only get some letters it say error message

  2. "How to set up Songbird"
    Recieve free tokens as incentive
    Buy more thinking that this could be something good
    Connect your SGB to your Bifrost wallet
    Wrap your SGB
    Think that you're getting a lot back (Hint : You're not)
    SongBird team tells you soon after you've gone through a "Golden Age" followed by massively reducing the rewards
    Your rewards are now super trash, but the price is up right?
    Wrong. Now watch as SGB plummets substantially into single digits.
    Now your "awards" are worth even less!
    Rename Songbird to BirdShit token
    Get mocked by Flare community for "Being salty" about losing over 25k or 1/3rd of a years pay.

  3. They are gathering information as to how much XRP people have on their hardware wallet.

  4. After months of hardwork, Nerian Network ,run on XRPL, is launching Nodes for people to earn passive income. Not sure if you will be interested to cover it in your new video

  5. i did this the way i was told … i got xrp on ledger nano … it doesn't show up on my wallet … i checked on xrpscan … i see solo token in there but what can i do to send it to my wallet or any exchange

  6. This information is not accurate, which resulted in me missing the airdrop. Thanks for the great info.

  7. Goodness, I forgot to set up the gateway but I had the XRP inside of the toolkit on snapshot day…does this mean I wont get the aidrop then?

  8. Thanks for the informative video man! Unfortunately I was too late to make the trustline between my XRP wallet and Solo, but I did have XRP in my wallet during the time of the snapshot. Can I still claim my SOLO-tokens or am I too late? Thanks !

  9. why if I been holding my xrp on my ledger nano x way before the snapshot and already setup my trustline with xrp toolkit I haven't received my sologenic tokens so far?

  10. When does the solo actually arrive in my xuum wallet its now Jan 22

  11. I'm new to these airdrops. Am I late to this one. I have Xrp on exodus and just transfer some to Xumm wallet to activate it.

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