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Staketron training in TrustVolt and its profit calculation

The Tron Network focuses on greater independence for media creators and consumers, and its native token TRX It is at the center of everything. Holders of this token can directly support creators and developers, to apps Defi Connect and participate in the management of this project through Stakingtron. Users can contribute to the security of the network by entrusting their trons to validators and receive profit as a reward.

For Sticktron, you can use the Trust Wallet, which is a simple method of earning profit. We have dedicated this article from Valx magazine to Staketron training in TrustVault. Stay with us to calculate the exact profit of this method.

Stick Tron in Trust Volt

The TrustWallet wallet has provided facilities with which you can earn 5% interest annually by depositing TRON digital currency. Staketron on TrustVolt usually takes between 5-10 minutes and is a simple way to make a profit. The TRON network uses a proof-of-stake algorithm, so network stickers are rewarded for representing and also verifying transactions on the blockchain. With Sticktron, you no longer need to pay high fees and you can earn passive income without any hassle.

Tron staking allows you to increase the amount of your tokens by locking or blocking. During this process, without the need for mining hardware, users participate in network security and block verification by locking their assets and receive rewards for doing so.

Staketron training in TrustVolt

Staketron in TrustVolt may be a bit difficult for newbies; But in this step-by-step guide, we will teach you how to store or stake TRX currency in Trust Wallet and earn daily profit from it. Once you have staked your assets in this wallet, you are not able to withdraw and use your tokens, and after the period ends, you can withdraw your trons or stake them again for more profit.

Step 1: Prepare your thrones

First, you need to buy TRX digital currency from a reputable exchange and transfer it to your TrustWallet wallet. Log in to your wallet and enter TRX in the search field and then click the Receive button. Copy the address that is displayed to you, then go to your account in the digital currency exchange. In the exchange wallet, click on Tron and select the withdrawal option. Paste the address you copied here and enter the number of trons you want to transfer and finally click SEND. After the transfer, you can see your Tron in Trust Wallet.

Step 2: Enter the Staking menu

Tap More to access the Staking menu. In this section, you can see several options.

  • stake details: display more information about staking Tron and its current status
  • Stake: Redirection to the basic settings page of Staketron in TrustVolt
  • Unstake: Removing tokens from STAKE mode
  • Claim Rewards: View Staketron rewards and transfer to wallet
Staketron Steps in Trust Wallet

The third step: choosing the Tron validator

Click on the STAKE option and enter the amount of Tron you want to stake and select your entire balance by selecting MAX. Hold at least 1 Tron; Because in order to pay the expenses, you must have some available tokens, which is at least 1 Tron. Select the Tron Validator you want and tap NEXT. Typically, the cost of a Tron stick at TrustVolt is zero or very little.

Before you go to the next step, it is better to consider the following points:

  • Your thrones will be frozen for 3 days.
  • You cannot move or transfer your frozen Tron Tokens.
  • After 3 days, you can take them out of the freezer or keep them in the freezer and continue to receive rewards.
  • If you want to stake new tokens again, this 3-day time will start again.
Choosing Tron Validator

Step 4: Send the transaction to the network

Finally, review your transaction details and click Send when you’re ready to proceed. After that, the page will automatically return to the Tron wallet. A Pending message appears when the network confirms the transaction.

Sending a transaction to the network

Step 5: Confirm the transaction

After completing the StakeTron process in TrustVault, the tokens that have been staked or frozen will be displayed automatically, and you can check all the details by clicking on the more option and then selecting Stake Details.

Transaction confirmation in Trust Wallet

How to review TRON Blockchain Explorer via TrustWallet

In Trust Wallet, you can tap on the transaction details that have the word stake.

Review of TRON Blockchain Explorer at TrustWallet

After that, click on More Details. On the opened Tronscan page, you can see more information about the staking command.

Tron Blockchain Explorer Review on TrustWallet

You can also search for your Tron address and view an overview of your account.

Blockchain Explorer in TrustWallet

Through the desktop browser

with search And by entering your address, you can see the status of your stock.

TRON Blockchain Explorer in the browser

How much is Staketron profit in TrustVolt?

In addition to the possibility of staking Tron digital currency for users, the Trust Wallet wallet has made it possible on its official website to calculate your profitability using a tool called the Trust Wallet Staking Calculator. To be able to use the staking calculator in Trust Wallet, it is enough to go to the address Visit and select the Tron currency in the Staking calculator section according to the amount of digital currency that you intend to stake and calculate the Tron stake profit in TrustVolt. This calculator will show you the number of coins you will receive in the staking process as rewards and profits on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Staking profit calculator

According to the picture above, if you consider 200 trons for staking, according to the annual interval of 4.1% for trons, 0.0285 daily, 0.6833 monthly and 8.20 trons will be added to your account. .

Passive income through Staketron

One of the ways to earn passive income from Tron is by staking this digital currency in the TrustWallet wallet. In this way, by entrusting your tokens to a validator, you can earn about 5% annually. To know how much profit you will get by keeping or investing in this currency, you can use the Staking in Wallet calculator. Without worry and very easily, you can do StakeTron in TrustVolt and create a passive income source for yourself. If you have the experience of doing this or know something special about it, write to us.

The writing of Staketron training in TrustVolt and its profit calculation was first published in Wallex blog. appeared.


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