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Teaching how to buy and sell audios (AUDIO)

Edios is one of the popular blockchain platforms among artists. Because you can create and publish music on this platform. Then, for every number of views and broadcasts, you will receive the digital currency of the same platform, the AUDIO token. To learn more about this platform and its native token, first read the article What is Edios?

In the rest of this article, we will examine how to buy and sell Edios in some popular exchanges so that you can learn how to use them and enter its trading market easily. So, read to the end of this AUDIO cryptocurrency trading guide.

Getting to know Edios digital currency

Audius is a platform Decentralized It is based on blockchain used for streaming and sharing music. This platform for the first time in 2018 with a native token AUDIO It was launched to strengthen the platform ecosystem. Edios platform allows music creators to connect with their fans and music lovers in a unique way. Also, they have full control over music playback and sharing.

In fact, Edios is something similar to services like Spotify (Spotify) Because artists and music creators can get paid for the number of their music. You probably know that the music industry has a very high value, but most of its costs are spent on advertising and distribution, and in the end, very little money goes to the creator of the work. Edios has solved this problem and its solution is through blockchain and platform nodes.

Decentralization On the Edios platform, it favors music creators. The number of times your song is heard, you will earn and an amount will be deposited into your account. This way, artists no longer need to wait months or even years to get paid, they get paid instantly.

Exchanges for buying and selling audios

Now that you are familiar with the mechanism of this digital currency platform, you may have a question, how can you learn how to buy and sell Edios? As an artist, you get paid for publishing your music on this platform in the form of AUDIO tokens. For this reason, after receiving it, you must convert it into a required currency with the help of exchanges. Some of the exchanges that support Edios digital currency are:

  • Binance exchange
  • UniSwap exchange
  • Kucoin exchange
  • BitStamp exchange
  • Kraken exchange
  • Gemini Exchange
  • Huobi exchange

Teaching how to buy and sell Edios in UniSwap decentralized exchange

UniSwap is a decentralized digital currency exchange that enables market trading peer to peer provides To use this exchange, you need to transfer your assets to Trust Wallet. For example, if you want to buy Edios through UniSwap, deposit some digital currency into TrustWallet, then connect to UniSwap and convert your holdings to Edios. Trust Wallet is one of Edios wallets that after purchase, you can keep it in Trust Wallet and benefit from the future of Edios digital currency.

Buying Edios in UniSwap exchange

Follow the steps below to learn how to learn how to buy and sell Edios on the UniSwap exchange.

  • Log in to your TrustWallet and verify the presence of digital assets.
  • In the bottom bar of Trust Wallet, select the Browser option.
  • In the Exchange section of the same page, find the UniSwap exchange and click on it. If you can’t find it, search for UniSwap at the top of the page.
UniSwap decentralized exchange
  • Now you have entered the main page of UniSwap. In the box above, select the digital currency that you currently have in Trust Wallet. Please note that UniSwap only uses tokens ERC-20 supports.
  • Click on the Select a token option and choose the Edios token.
  • If you plan to buy edios with all your wallet balance, set it to MAX. Otherwise, write the amount you want to buy audios in the box above.
  • Finally, click on the Swap option.
  • On the page you are viewing, all the details of your purchase are recorded. Read it carefully and finally select Confirm Swap.
  • A new page will open for you, which is related to the transaction fee. Click on Approve option to complete your purchase.
  • After completing the swap, your Edios tokens will be transferred to your TrustWallet wallet account.

Selling Edios in UniSwap exchange

The way of buying and selling Edios or any other digital currency is done in the same way on the UniSwap exchange. The only difference is that in selling Edios, you have Edios available in your Trust Wallet wallet. In the upper box, add the currency and in the lower box, enter the currency you chose to buy. Finally, confirm the swap to be done.

To learn more about this platform and how to trade on it, read the UniSwap training article.

Teaching how to buy and sell Edios in Geminai exchange

Gemini It is a centralized and private digital currency exchange that allows you to buy, sell and trade more than 60 digital currencies. One of these 60 digital currencies is Edios token, which is supported by Gemina. This exchange was first launched in 2014 by the Winklevoss twins under the name Gemini Trust Co, LLC.

Gemina Exchange

Gemina has a multi-layered service for investors and regular traders with separate interfaces. Also, it has a mobile version, with the possibility of payment through Gemini dollars. To use this exchange, you must first enter the exchange with a VPN and create an account there. Now deposit some stablecoin like dollar, euro or any digital currency to Gemina account.

Buy Adios at Geminai Exchange

To learn how to buy and sell Edios in Geminai Exchange, do the following steps:

  • On the main page of Gemini Exchange, in the top bar, click on the Products option and select Gemini Exchange from its subcategory.
  • Click on the Trade option and select Spot from among the types of transactions to buy and sell digital currency.
  • On the page that appears, find Edios digital currency and click on the option “Buy” click.
  • Now, you can use any digital currency or fiat currency you have in your Gemina exchange account to buy Edios.
  • Finally, complete and confirm the purchase, considering the amount of the fee and the type of transaction.
  • After purchasing Edios, it will be credited to your user account in the exchange, which you can transfer to your wallet account.

Selling audios in Geminai Exchange

The way of buying and selling audios in Gemina is similar to each other. The only difference is, you now have some idios in the exchange that you want to use to buy another digital currency. So, find the desired currency and select it to buy. Finally, confirm the sale so that the new digital currency is deposited into your exchange account.

Teaching how to buy and sell Edios in Valex exchange

Valex exchange is one of the popular and reliable Iranian exchanges that allows you to trade digital currency through Toman. That is, you with in hand TomanYou can directly buy any digital currency, including Edios. To learn how to buy and sell Edios in the Valex exchange, enter the exchange’s website and follow the steps below.

  • From the top bar, select the option of transactions and from its subcategories, click on the option of buying and selling instantly.
Buying and selling audios in Valex exchange
  • You will enter the transaction page of Valex exchange.
  • To buy audios, click on the buy tab and click on the sell tab.
  • From the coin search field, find and click on Edios.
  • In the upper box I pay, enter the amount of currency you want to pay in Tomans or any other currency.
  • In the bottom box that I receive, the amount of edios per your payment is recorded.
  • If you want to trade at the market price, check the market price option.
Confirmation of the transaction in Valex exchange

Finally, confirm the transaction and complete it.

After buying Edios digital currency or any other digital currency, it is better to keep them in a suitable and safe wallet so that they are less vulnerable to attack and hacking. Edios wallets include TrustWallet and MetaMask, which are very safe and widely used. Of course, you can also use hardware or cold wallets like Ledger to store a lot of Edios assets.

What do you think is the best platform for trading AUDIO cryptocurrency? Share your experience with us.

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