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Teaching how to buy and sell Maker digital currency (MKR)

Maker (MKR) one Smart contract platform It is built on the platform of the Ethereum blockchain. Maker aims to help solve the volatility of digital currency markets, enabling faster and simpler international payments and peer-to-peer transactions. The main purpose of this project is to support stablecoin DAI which has a price equivalent to one US dollar. In fact, Maker allows users to use their Ethereum assets to generate Dai. In other words, users can freely use DAI currency to pay for goods, services or long-term investments. If you want to learn how to buy and sell Maker digital currency, we invite you to stay with Valex blog.

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Cryptocurrency trading guide

Maker digital currency is one of the popular currencies with a high market cap, which is considered a suitable option for trading. Before we learn how to buy and sell Maker digital currency, we need to know what methods there are to buy and sell this currency. In general, for buying and selling Maker currency, you can use decentralized exchanges, centralized exchanges or Maker wallets that have this capability. Each of these methods has its own characteristics and is a suitable option for Maker cryptocurrency trading. In the following, we will fully examine each of these exchanges and how to buy and sell Maker currency in them.

How to buy and sell MKR digital currency in centralized exchanges

Centralized exchanges are exchanges that are very popular among crypto users and you need authentication to register and operate in them. In fact, these exchanges as intermediary act and are in charge of hosting traders to conduct transactions. You can easily make your transactions in centralized exchanges and earn great profits. Centralized exchanges A lot of variety and this allows you to choose an exchange according to your needs and tastes. Centralized exchanges High security and all people (beginners to professionals) can do their transactions inside these exchanges.

How to buy and sell Maker digital currency inside centralized exchanges is not particularly complicated. After opening an account and charging your user account, you can start trading Maker currency inside these exchanges. Buying and selling Maker digital currency is done in centralized exchanges in different ways, including spot, futures, margin, robot trade, etc. So, according to the market conditions and your ability, you can choose the best way to do currency maker transactions. Centralized exchanges have high security and use various security techniques such as authentication, two-factor authentication, special trade password and Google application login code to increase user account security.

Working with these exchanges completely simple and allows users to use facilities such as the exchange wallet, fast support, low fee payment and use of mobile applications for the exchange. Centralized exchanges have many advantages, the only problem of these exchanges is not providing services to Iranians. Most of these exchanges have problems with Iranian users, and if they find out that the user is Iranian, the account will be blocked and the assets of the person in question will be blocked. Of course, fixed IP VPNs can be used to solve this problem.

In general, the best centralized exchanges for Maker are:

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Bybit
  • Coinbase
  • Wallex

How to buy and sell Maker digital currency in decentralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges are completely different from the first type of exchanges. In these exchanges, all transactions in cash direct (peer to peer) It is done and no intermediary is needed. Using decentralized exchanges helps you to be the main owner of your assets and access them whenever you want. It should be noted that there is no need to go through the authentication process in these exchanges, so everyone can easily become a member of the decentralized exchanges and do Maker digital currency transactions.

Decentralized exchanges from High security have and Very low fees They receive for transactions. This makes more people welcome decentralized exchanges. Be careful that these exchanges are less popular than centralized exchanges and require more mastery. That is, if you are not sufficiently familiar with the topics of the cryptocurrency market and do not have the necessary ability to analyze currencies, using decentralized exchanges is not suitable for you. On the other hand, since these exchanges are relatively new, you must learn how to buy and sell Maker digital currency inside decentralized exchanges.

In general, the best decentralized exchanges in the world are:

  • UniSwap
  • Pancake Swap
  • Curve
  • Sushi Swap
  • Spooky Swap

The best international exchanges for buying and selling Maker digital currency

After learning how to buy and sell Maker digital currency, it’s time to choose a reliable and suitable exchange for transactions. As we mentioned in the previous section, most of the foreign exchanges have banned Iranian users, and if they find out that you are Iranian, you will be in trouble. But there are some exchanges that provide various services to Iranian users. In this section, we introduce the best international exchanges suitable for buying and selling MKR currency by Iranians. These exchanges are:


Quinx is known as the first foreign exchange that provides services to Iranian users. This exchange started its activity in 2017 and was noticed by Iranians from the very beginning. Coinx is an attractive and unique exchange with more than 3 million active users that supports a variety of tokens. A simple and smooth environment, support for different currencies including Maker, fast support, the ability to translate the menu into Farsi, mobile application and receiving low fees for transactions are among the most important features of this exchange. By opening an account at the Quinx exchange, you can easily exchange Maker digital currency and other currencies without the need for a fixed VPN IP address.

Opening an account in Coinx

After you have opened your account on Quinx exchange, you need to top up your wallet.

Register in Quinx

By charging your account in Quinx, you can buy and sell different digital currencies. In this way, the way to buy and sell Maker digital currency after charging the account will be very simple.

Charging account


Bing X is another reliable and suitable exchange for Iranians, which started its activity in 2018. This exchange has a simple user interface and has not imposed sanctions on Iranian users. The main office of BingX Exchange is located in Singapore and strives to provide a good experience for users. Support for various currencies, Farsi language, various leveraged transactions with high coefficients, the ability to register through an Iranian phone number, and support for a professional mobile application are some of the unique features of this exchange. By using the Bing X exchange, you can easily make Maker digital currency transactions and earn a great profit through it.

Maker price chart on BingX


Kocoin is another popular and suitable exchange for Iranians, which has various facilities. This exchange supports various currencies such as Maker and has provided various rewards for users. Kocoin has no problem with Iranian users and you can use it to buy and sell Maker currency. The security of this exchange is high and its activity does not require authentication. By opening an account in this exchange, you can do your transactions with a 0.2% fee. Before making your transactions, it is enough to know the latest currency maker price so that you can register your transactions at the best possible price. In general, if you are looking for an ideal international exchange for Iranian users, Kocoin is the best option for you.

Maker price chart in Bitcoin

Wallex exchange

Valex is an Iranian exchange with various capabilities that started its activity in 2017. This exchange from Various currencies It supports like Maker and plans to increase the number of currencies with the planning it has done. security Above Valex exchange on the side Low transaction fees It has provided the necessary conditions for buying and selling Maker digital currency. By authenticating and charging your Valex exchange user account, you can make your transactions in a few seconds and in different ways. In the following, we will fully examine how to buy and sell Maker digital currency in Valex exchange.

Buying and selling Maker digital currency in Wallex

tip: These 4 exchanges are the best and ideal options for Iranian users to carry out their transactions. Each of these exchanges has its own characteristics, and you can choose one of them according to your personal taste to make currency maker transactions. But considering that you are an Iranian user, using Valex exchange is a better option for you. Because you will not have any restrictions on doing transactions and you can benefit from the special privileges of the exchange, including transactions with Toma.

Learning how to buy and sell Maker digital currency in Valex exchange

Valex is one of the best Iranian exchanges that offers a variety of services to users. This exchange supports various currencies such as Maker. Therefore, using this platform, you can buy and sell Maker digital currency in a few seconds. In general, the way to buy and sell Maker digital currency in Valex exchange is as follows:

Registration at Valex exchange

In the first step to buy and sell Maker digital currency on Valex exchange, you must open an account. For this, it is enough to do the following steps in order:

Registration at Valex exchange
  • Log in to Valex.
  • Click on the registration box on the left side of the site.
  • Click on the create personal account box.
  • On the page that opens for you, enter your mobile number and password, then click on the registration option.
  • At this stage, a 6-digit code will be sent to your phone number.
  • As soon as you receive the code, enter it in the specified box.

Charging account

Opening an account at Valex exchange is not enough. In order to be able to buy and sell Maker digital currency, you need to top up your user account. For this, it is enough to do the following steps in order:

Recharge Valax user account
  • Click on the wallet option on the left side of the site.
  • Now click on deposit option.
  • Specify the card number and deposit amount in the specified box.
  • Then click on the payment option through the bank portal.
  • Now you have to enter your bank card information in full and complete the deposit process.

How to buy and sell Maker digital currency in Valex exchange

After opening and charging the user account, you can start the process of buying and selling Maker. The trading of this currency is done in two modes: instant (quick) and advanced trading. Each of the listed trading methods has its own characteristics and advantages and is used for different situations. If you plan to trade Maker currency at the first opportunity and at the online market price, you should use instant buying and selling.

Buying and selling Annie Maker in Wallex

But if you are familiar with the market and have set a certain price for buying or selling Maker currency, it is better to use advanced trading. In this method, you determine at what price the transaction will be done. This means that your trade will be activated only in the specified range and you can achieve your desired profit.

Advanced maker buying and selling in Valx

The future of digital currency Maker

Maker is a unique currency with long-term goals that brings convenience to crypto users. DAI stablecoin is known as Maker’s best product, which has a value equal to one US dollar. Maker aims to control the biggest problem of digital markets, its volatility. The stabilization of DAI value helps users to easily operate in the cryptocurrency market and make their transactions with less stress. In fact, Aruz Maker intends to solve the lack of transparency and problems related to blockchain and digital currencies by supporting Dai. Therefore, experts predict the future of Maker digital currency as ideal because it will bring a new wave of evolution and progress to digital currencies. In this article, we explained how to buy and sell Maker digital currency. Now that you know Maker’s cryptocurrency trading guide, it is the best opportunity to invest in this promising currency.

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