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Teaching TD Sequential indicator and how to adjust it

Professional traders are aware of the importance of using indicators or oscillators. The indicator is a useful tool with the help of which you can get a relatively accurate estimate in technical analysis and predict the future of the price trend. TD Sequential indicator, comp The simplest and most attractive It is the indicators that issue signals based on the fatigue of the price trend. With the help of this oscillator, it is possible to identify the exact time of trend exhaustion and price reversal. If you are curious and want to know about this oscillator; Stay with us. In this article, we have comprehensively taught the TD Sequential indicator.

About the TD Sequential indicator

Although this indicator is less known; But this anonymity does not detract from its effectiveness. TD Sequential indicator, one of the most powerful tools in technical analysis is provided with the aim of solving the problem and improving the performance of other technical analysis (TA) tools. This indicator solves the problem of oscillators that are profitable in popular markets; But in markets with range, They have poor performance.

Although the TD Sequential indicator can be used in any time frame and in any type of market conditions; But this oscillator is more reliable for shorter time frames (for example, three days). In general, this indicator identifies the end of a trend and identifies the points where there is a strong possibility of a trend reversal.

Important features of Sequential TD indicator

The TD Sequential indicator has several unique features that we need to know well in order to use it optimally.

  • The TD Sequential indicator can be used in different conditions and time frames.
  • The performance of this indicator has two stages: setup and countdown. In the setup phase, 9 steps are counted and in the countdown phase, 13 steps are counted.
  • The TD Sequential indicator can only be used on Japanese candlesticks or bar charts.
  • This oscillator is excellent for identifying the turning point of a trend.
  • The TD Sequential Oscillator identifies two support and resistance levels on the price chart.
  • The settings of this oscillator are very easy and doable.

How does the TD Sequential indicator work?

Let’s take a look at how the TD Sequential indicator works. First, we must mention the different components of this oscillator. Actually, by adding this indicator, what changes do we see on the chart? In fact, by adding TD Sequential to the chart, we will see support and resistance levels as well as points numbered from 1 to 9.

The TD Sequential indicator uses a 1-9 counter to indicate trend exhaustion and approaching a turning point. In uptrends, number 1 is placed on a candle that is higher than the previous four candles. In downtrends, number 1 is recorded on a candle that is lower than the previous four candles. After the candle is marked with the number 1, until there are consecutive candles with the same trend (all descending or all ascending); Numbering will continue until number 9. Whenever the trend direction changes for any reason, the count is stopped and restarted. Based on this numbering, the TD Sequential indicator detects when the turning point is approaching.

But what is the use of support and resistance levels in this indicator? In fact, the TD Sequential indicator, whenever the counting process reaches the number 9; Draws a horizontal line (support or resistance). Most of the time, these horizontal lines indicate approaching turning points, for this reason they can be used as another tool in detecting trend change points and better risk management.

How to run the TD Sequential indicator in TradingView

As you know, one of the platforms where you can trade easily is the Trading View website. This website allows you to use different types of indicators for technical analysis. The important advantage of TradingView is easy and convenient use. After you enter this site; Sign up using your email address and enter the Chart section. For this, you can click on the Chart option from the top menu. By entering the chart page and selecting the desired currency pair, you will enter the price fluctuation chart. The figure below shows the price chart of the Bitcoin-Tether currency pair.


In the next step, by clicking on the Indicator option, a page containing a list of indicators and various tools will appear. In this window, search for TD Sequential and select the first option among the available options.

Selection of Sequential TD indicator

By selecting the Day option from among the available time frames, daily price fluctuations can be displayed along with the sequential TD indicator (support and resistance levels along with counters) in daily time frames.

Display the indicator on the chart

Implementation of TD Sequential settings in trading view

By selecting any indicator, you can apply certain settings to it. In this case, the desired indicator will be personalized for you. No special settings are required for TD Sequential Indicator. But if you are interested in making the points of the support and resistance levels bolder and more prominent, just increase the thickness of the points in the Style section of the settings menu. By doing this, these points will have more clarity on the chart.

Sequential TD indicator settings

Buy and sell signals with TD Sequential

TD Sequential indicator buy and sell signal

Buy and sell signals are easily identified using the TD Sequential indicator. To receive the signal, just pay attention to the counters. When candlesticks 8 and 9 were higher than candles 6 and 7, a sell signal was issued, and when they were lower, a buy signal was issued. This condition can be seen in the figure above. As you can see, when the full count from 1 to 9 is completed; A horizontal line is drawn.

According to DeMark (the inventor of the TD Sequential indicator), all the necessary conditions for receiving an ideal signal must be established so that we can trust these signals. The interesting thing about using the TD Sequential indicator is that it is better to use this indicator together with other indicators. The performance of this oscillator alone cannot lead us to strong signals. In fact, this oscillator is mostly created to improve the results of other technical analysis indicators.

TD Sequential’s relationship with Bitcoin

Usually, those who follow Bitcoin news have also heard the TD Sequential indicator. This indicator was one of the oscillators that managed to accurately detect the decline in the price of Bitcoin. For this reason, analysts refer to this oscillator as a very strong indicator for detecting the trend of Bitcoin.

In what cases is this indicator used?

Professional traders in technical analysis always try to take advantage of all of them by combining different indicators. Using several indicators together increases the accuracy of signals. Like other oscillators, the TD Sequential indicator is better to be used with powerful oscillators; Therefore, improving different strategies is one of the special uses of the TD Sequential indicator. In addition to the mentioned cases, this indicator also has other functions for analysts, which we will discuss further.

Investigating market fluctuations and keeping an eye on whales

The digital currency market is dealing with various and interesting phenomena. One of these phenomena are whales. Whales are actually people who invest huge amounts of money in the market. Every movement of the whales leads to a change in the trend and strong impulses in the market. By monitoring the movements of whales, the TD Sequential indicator accurately predicts their actions and identifies market trends after their trades. This oscillator prevents the loss of many users.

Coordination with the supply and demand system

In all financial markets, supply and demand is considered a very important parameter. This parameter acts as one of the most influential factors on the price of digital currencies. In the TD Sequential indicator, the price of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, is recorded instantly. With this work, this oscillator provides digital currency users with the necessary analysis in a timely and accurate manner so that they can have a good analysis in the field of supply and demand for a digital currency.

TD Sequential indicator; A tool for all traders

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional trader or a beginner, knowing about indicators and how to use them is a must. The TD Sequential indicator is also an efficient tool that we have taught in this article and how to use it. What other indicators do you recommend for analyzing and monitoring the markets?

TD Sequential indicator tutorial and how to set it up for the first time on Wallex blog. appeared.


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