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Sharvaanica vs Kiyana Parihar
MPL 35th National U-7 2022
E09 Catalan, closed, main line

1. d4 ♘f6 2. c4 e6 3. ♘f3 d5 4. g3 ♗e7 5. ♗g2 O-O 6. O-O c6 7. ♘bd2 ♘bd7 8. ♕c2 b6 9. e4 dxc4 10. ♘xc4 ♗b7 11. ♖d1 c5 12. ♘fe5 ♘xe5 13. dxe5 ♘d7 14. ♕a4 ♗c8 15. ♗f4 ♕c7 16. ♘d6 ♖d8 17. ♖ac1 ♘f8 18. ♗e3 ♗xd6? 19. exd6 ♖xd6 20. ♖xd6! ♕xd6 21. e5!+− ♕b8 22. ♕c6! 22. ♗b7 23. ♕xb7 ♕xb7 24. ♗xb7 ♖d8 25. ♖c3 ♘g6 26. ♗f4 ♘xf4 27. gxf4 ♖d4 28. ♖a3 ♖d7 29. ♖xa7 h6 30. ♖a8+ ♔h7 31. ♗e4+ g6 32. ♖b8 ♖d4 33. ♗c6 ♖b4 34. a4 ♖xb2 35. a5 c4 36. axb6 c3 37. ♗e4 c2 38. ♖c8! ♖b1+ 39. ♔g2 c1=Q 40. ♖xc1 ♖xc1 41. b7! ♖c4 42. b8=Q ♖xe4 43. ♔f3 ♖c4 44. ♕b5 ♖c7 45. ♔g4 h5+ 46. ♔h4 ♔g7 47. ♕e8 ♖c4 48. ♔g3 ♖c3+ 49. f3 ♖c7 50. ♕d8 ♖a7 51. ♕f6+ ♔g8 52. ♔h4 ♔h7 53. ♔g5 ♖b7 54. f5! exf5 55. e6 fxe6 56. ♕xg6+ ♔h8 57. ♔h6 ♖a7 58. ♕e8#

00:00 Hello Everyone!
02:15 Game Starts!
03:40 Completely New Game!
06:27 Pause The Video!
09:00 It was In This Position!
10:35 Contributions!

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  1. God bless you for covering and featuring these upcoming indian chess girls!!🤞

  2. I've seen Qc6 move too, meaning my chess is as good as 6 year old kiddo. I'm proud.

  3. "Not at all surprised that she wins 100% games" as Gukesh won first 6 games in recent tournament and GM Vishnu Prasad is their coach.

  4. The insight of these children is incredible! I'm rated around 2000 but after watching this I feel certain she'd comfortably beat me.

  5. I won a school chess tournament when I was 5 years old, but I'll fully admit, it was mostly that no one understood the game except me, and I didn't do any theory or anything "hard"

  6. It would be very nice if you investigate a game played by Yağız Kaan Erdoğmuş who is youngest grandmaster canditate and plays very well queens gambit. Best regards

  7. so many times I see the correct move but don't see why it works and have no idea how to follow up the move.

  8. Very shocked that Agadmator cut corners in the middle game, zipping through some dozen moves without covering them. I think he must've urgently needed to escape to the powder room.

  9. Why is there such an explosion of top level chess in India among people under 20?

  10. Hi I'm beginner in chess. Can someone recommend me any sort of app for android through which i can analyse my game?

  11. Sharvaanica is a South Indian. Sagar Shah is North Indian. For them south indian names are more complicated than westerners. You pronounce her name accurately than him.

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