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The best PUNDIX wallets; Get to know Pandi X cryptocurrency wallets

Pundi X is a platform that came to the cryptocurrency market with the aim of making cryptocurrencies available for everyday payments. This issue, i.e. making everyday trading with cryptocurrencies easier, is something that can mark a huge evolution in digital currency technology and increase their acceptance by several percent, and that is why the Pandi platform is so important to the market. If our previous article about PUNDIX digital currency, what is it? If you have read it, you must know that this currency, like its platform, has gained many fans in a short period of time. Due to its growing popularity and the possibility of its growth, we plan to introduce PUNDIX wallets so that you will not be left behind by the flood of buyers of this currency and you can keep your assets in safe places; Stay with us.

A look at digital currency and the PUNDIX platform

Before introducing PUNDIX wallets, it is better to get to know this platform and its digital currency. Pundi X is an active blockchain platform that was started in 2017 by Zac Cheah, Danny Lim and Pitt Huang from Jakarta. By establishing this project, they intended to fix the shortcomings of Bitcoin and create a channel POS Create digital currencies for easier use. In fact, Pandey X team wanted to provide an alternative method so that everyone can use digital currencies in their daily life and not just for exchanges and investments.

Pundi X is an open source platform with a public profile and available to everyone. This platform is called a non-contact mobile phone terminal XPOS It helps to enable the use of digital currency in retail and for everyday purchases. The native token of this platform, namely NPXS, is one of the most efficient elements of this ecosystem, which in addition to supporting the network economy, also gives it power.

Pandi X is also considered one of the leading ecosystems in the development of blockchain-related devices. Among the examples of these devices, which play a key role in the future of the PUNDIX currency, we should mention XPOS. A device designed to enable cryptographic payments and currently deployed in more than 20 countries. XPASS And XWallet There are two other products by the company Pundi X Labs Private Limited Currency have been developed But in order to keep this currency, you need to familiarize yourself with PUNDIX wallets, which we will carefully examine below.

PUNDIX wallets

As we said, Pundi X is a decentralized payment platform that feeds data to smart contracts in an accurate and timely manner. Pundix currency, which is the native cryptocurrency of the network, with the standard ERC-20 Built and running on the Ethereum blockchain, it can be stored in a wide range of hardware and software wallets.

Although the PUNDIX currency is still very young and has not experienced much growth, we all know that due to the features and technology behind its platform, it may start growing at any moment and bring huge profits to its holders. Therefore, you should prioritize wallet security in your choices so that you can safely keep your capital in PUNDIX wallets for a long time.

There are many examples of PandeyX cryptocurrency wallets that you can choose from. But be sure to note that the selected wallet is one of the most secure and reliable options and allows you a secure user experience with features such as easy to use, strong support team, the ability to control private keys, etc.

The best PUNDIX cryptocurrency wallets in which you can perform services such as holding, transferring and trading PUNDIX include:

  • Trezor
  • Ledger
  • Trust Wallet
  • Atomic Wallet
  • My Wallet

The best PUNDIX software wallets

Now that we have said the necessary tips for choosing PUNDIX wallets, it’s time to do a full review of the top wallets. If you have made a definite decision to invest in this digital currency, you can first go to how to buy and sell pundix digital currency and then transfer it to your wallet.

Digital wallets that support PUNDIX currency include:

Trust Wallet

Wherever the name of the best software wallets comes up, TrustWallet is at the top of the story. It can be said that one of the best PUNDIX wallets is Trust Wallet. This wallet is officially supported by Binance. As well as being one of the most popular among traders and investors, this wallet is also considered one of the best PUNDIX wallets. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or looking for a simple and secure wallet for your NPXS holdings, mobile wallets can be a great choice for the convenience, security, and backup options they offer. be your right choice.

Trust Wallet wallet

To start working with Trust Wallet, you just need to download and install it on your Android or IOS phone. You can also transfer and store any other ERC-20 cryptocurrency you want along with your PUNDIX currencies directly into this software. The Trust Wallet team is constantly updating and adding new currencies to this wallet. Also, in case of any problem, Trust Wallet’s official help page can help you.

Atomic Wallet

Among the PUNDIX wallets, which are available in three versions: Android, IOS, and desktop, we should mention Atomic Volt. Atomek wallet supports more than 300 digital currencies including NPXS and other variants of ERC20 and BEP2. This wallet also allows users to exchange currencies without having to transfer currencies to the exchange and pay additional fees.

Atomic wallet

It is better to make sure that your systems are not infected if you intend to use this type of wallets.


We have to introduce My Ether Wallet as one of the PUNDIX wallets that has passed the test. All ERC20 tokens, including NPXS, can be stored on the Ethereum blockchain using MyEtherWallet, without the need to download a client or software. This wallet actually offers traders and investors a web-based solution so that they can access their wallets and make trades from anywhere.

Users of this wallet should also know that MyEther is not very secure and may be at risk of phishing attacks. To improve the security of assets, this wallet can be connected to a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor and then keep the provided key phrase safe. MyEtherWallet always supports new ERC20 tokens and users can send their tokens directly to this wallet.

The best PUNDIX wallets for storage or hold

We all know that most software wallets have relatively good security and currency transactions are done more easily in them; However, the risk that always threatens these types of wallets, that is, the risk of cyber attacks, is not a small thing and can endanger all the investor’s assets.

In addition, many investors buy young digital currencies like Pandi with the aim of long-term holding or so-called hold and want to benefit from the future growth of the currency.

Hardware wallets are the solution to the problems of people who have concerns about keeping their digital currencies. Hardware wallets have an important advantage over other types of digital wallets, and that is the use of highly advanced encryption techniques. With the help of this technique, users’ assets are protected against cyber attacks, whether from complex network or simple phishing attacks, which almost all software wallets are vulnerable to.

These types of wallets even allow users to further protect their funds through a recovery clause.

In the following, we will introduce some examples of the best PUNDIX wallets that you can use to store or hold currency.


Hardware wallets like Trezor are one of the safest and best places to store cryptocurrencies, including PUNDIX. The Trezor wallet is built on a single chip base and supports a limited number of digital currencies, Pandi currency being one of them.

This wallet has not yet provided a mobile software version and people have to connect the device to a computer with a USB cable to transfer currency.

Treasure wallet and ledger


Ledger should be considered a more advanced hardware wallet model than Trezor. Unlike Trezor, this wallet is built on two chip bases and uses a unique blockchain operating system.

The ledger also supports more cryptocurrencies and recently launched its own mobile app.

Both Ledger and Trezor hardware bags have made entry-level models available to users at a price of around $50-$60. Based on the experience and opinion of experts, among these two types, Ledger Nano S and Trezor OneTrezor One) have the best all-around performance in terms of features relative to price. Both hardware wallets are able to store Pundi X (NPXS) and keep it offline and secure.

The best PUNDIX wallets for staking

In addition to the offline wallets we introduced, you will need an online wallet for staking PUNDIX currency. In the following, we introduce the best PUNDIX wallets that offer staking functionality to users. Staking is a way for traders to earn rewards by holding and locking their currencies for a certain period of time. Some digital currencies, such as Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and PandiX, allow their holders to withdraw part of their currency holdings. take stock and earn percentage bonuses over time. The best wallets for Pandi steak are as follows:

  • Trust Volt
  • Atomic Volt
  • ledger

Comparison of PUNDIX wallets

In this article, we introduced five wallets that support PUNDIX digital currency. Now that you are familiar with Pandey X cryptocurrency wallets, it is not bad to review these wallets with a general view so that you can more easily make your decision about choosing a wallet. The table below is related to the comparison of PUNDIX wallets:

wallet Type of wallet security Interface The main advantage The main disadvantages
Treasury or ledger hardware excellent medium Very high security Difficulty and complexity of connection and use
Trust Volt software Excellent very easy Support for many currencies Lack of support for Windows, Mac and…
Atomic wallet software Good easy Having an internal exchange Vulnerable to attacks
My Ether Software and online medium easy Support for all Ethereum network currencies Low security


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