The first ~ 4 MB block in #Bitcoin history, mined by Luxor

Ladies and gentlemen, wow!

The first ~ 4 MB block in Bitcoin history, mined by Luxor

Biggest block EVER




EDIT: the 3.94MB transaction that filled the block served to add this jpeg to the timechain, here the inscription on [](



Very dumb IMHO


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. So anyone can put anything on the blockchain now? Including disturbing content while forcing full node runners to download and keep it?

    Yes, Bitcoin as a protocol/technology will survive this, but this is dangerous to people involved.

  2. How to we get rid of ordinals? Are with stuck with after Taproot?

    Just make a hardfork you jpeg people.

  3. Comments tell me some people on this sub are for free market until there is one. Miners put what they want on the block they mine.

  4. Can someone please explain what happened? I am confused. What will happen if a certain bad actor tries to fill up the block space in the similar way thereby blocking the actual legitimate transactions?

  5. As long as they pay for the space, it is ok but it seems that they paid very little for this. how can this happen?

  6. do you know what ~ means? couldn’t you just say there is a new record high? why pretend it is 4?

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