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The frames of a feature film were released in the form of NFT tokens

The makers of the 2022 horror movie Rideshare Killer have minted all 120,000 frames of it in the form of NFT tokens. They considered this film to be the first film where “all its frames have been minted”.

According to Wallex and quoted by Coin Telegraph, this 83-minute long film recorded in 24 frames per second format contains 119,170 frames. Each of these frames is offered in the form of an NFT token on the Polygon network.

Tony Greenberg, the film’s producer, said in an interview that he believes NFT tokens will “transform the independent filmmaking scene” as it allows fans to collect “potentially profitable collectibles” and “a sustainable source of income.” It provides for artists.

However, the views of the critics and the audience are not very bright towards this movie. This movie currently has a score of 4 out of 10 on the IMDB website. One of the critics said about this movie: “This movie should never have been made.”

Rideshare Killer movie poster

On the other hand, the NFT market is recovering after disappointing figures after Christmas. The trading volume of NFT tokens in the first week of 2023 increased by 26% compared to the previous week.

According to the data of the analytical website Cryptoslam, the volume of transactions in the first week of the year amounted to 211.4 million dollars. Nearly 1.2 million NFT tokens were purchased by over 400,000 addresses.

The number of buyers in this period increased by 17% compared to the previous period, but the number of transactions increased by only 2.5%.

Ethereum remains a popular host for NFTs; The sales of these tokens in this network grew by 26%. On the other hand, the three most popular series of the week were all owned by this network. The Castle Monkey Club (BAYC) series took the top spot with a turnover of $19 million. The second set also belonged to Yoga Labs company; The Mutant Monkey Club (MAYC) reached $14 million in sales with an 80% increase in volume. The third best collection was Azuki with $12.7 million.

The writing of the frames of a feature film in the form of NFT tokens was published for the first time on the Wallex blog. appeared.


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