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The purchase of 384 billion Shiba by a whale on the eve of the launch of Shibarium

A mysterious digital currency whale has bought more than 384 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens in the last 10 days. This account now owns more than $255 million of this meme coin.

According to Valx and quoted by Crypto Globe, the said account currently owns more than 19.4 trillion Shiba tokens, according to blockchain data. This digital currency whale has gradually added to its assets over time and has not sold.

Shiba Ino price

The purchase of Shiba Ino has made this token the second most valuable asset in the mentioned wallet after Ether (ETH). This whale has more than 300 million Ethereum. MATIC tokens, Chain Link (LINK), Compound (COMP) and UNI Swap (UNI) are other valuable assets of this account, respectively.

Recently, on the eve of the launch of Shibarium’s second layer scaling solution, the number of unique Shiba owner accounts reached 1.3 million.

Coinbase exchange data shows that investors are not looking to sell in this meme coin; The average time of selling or transferring Shiba Ino to a foreign address in the Coinbase exchange for Shiba is more than 230 days.

The launch of Shibarium will improve the speed and capacity of the transaction and reduce its fee. Also, with the launch of Shibarium, the ecosystem formed around Shiba will get a larger share of the demand for this token. In addition, with the launch of this layer 2 solution, the number of tokens in circulation will be reduced with the help of the tokenization process.

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