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The Truth About Adidas Originals NFT | Live Mint

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This video features analysis and a live minting of the Adidas Originals NFT project. Adidas partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, and G Money to bring a first-of-its-kind NFT to the market and a lot of hype came with it. The mint was a bit of a bumpy ride as there was a technical issue that prevented owners of Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs to get the presale access to the drop that they were promised.

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  1. learning how to get whitelisted, think I succeeded but didn't know until it was too late. But I am not sure if it was a scam or not. Can anyone here give advice on whether all the messages in my Discord are true and not a scam. How do I know it is a legitimate mint site and not a scam site?

  2. What do you see adidas nft getting to in the next few weeks? I got mine for .9 eth. Was that too high? Do you see it getting past 1 eth?

  3. BOTS bought out everything and poor people lost hundreds of dollars on gas. Fuck adidas. Honestly fuck them.

  4. Great video! Speaking of NFTs, I’d love to hear your opinion about NFT card games – Spellfire looks very promising! Very unique P2E model. Do you mind commenting on that? Your insight would be very much appreciated 🙂

  5. Wow Pio is losing credibility in my eyes… Letting his sour emotions get the best of him. Talking down on Adidas? After minting, selling and making money on it??? When in doubt, zoom out. It's the genesis NFT. As a collectible alone, it's worth the HODL. Does Pio know about collecting? Sneakerheads and collectors knows what's up. Having sd that, show is funny AF 😂

  6. I’m really happy you guys made it as per seasoned snipers. Unfortunately last 0.08 to gas wars after staying up all night. Could have still bought for 0.4 on OS but didn’t. Decisions!xxx

  7. i just went through typhoon odette over here. lost mobile and internet services for a day and service was recently restored. first thing to do is watch you guys. i missed the mint but glad to be watching the dynamic trio again.

  8. Why didn't you guys talk about minting of the real good project that is coming up, like this one, ahead of time?! Why not mention that on your yesterday's show?

  9. Thanks for making me laugh guys, got really pissed that I overslept for the mint but this stream is really fun to watch!

  10. Yo you hit it on the head. This is my entry into meta world. I feel like I got the golden ticket.

  11. My first wallet with higher gas went pending well I then went to a second wallet with less gas and only the second wallet got the mint such a Bizarre game

  12. watching it now , floor at 0.6 , opensea is down , future is bright. impossible is nothing

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