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The UniSwap user community voted positively for its launch on the BSC network

The DAO members of the Uniswap decentralized exchange have voted to launch a version of this exchange on the Binance Smart Chain network.

According to Valx and quoted by Daily Hodl, a proposal regarding the launch of UniSwap in the BNB chain was discussed and voted on on Sunday last week (February 5) in the Dao UniSwap forum.

Finally, after registering 84.8 million votes, this proposal was approved with 66% of votes in favor. Only 8.4% of the eligible tokens participated in the voting, however, the necessary quorum was obtained for the vote to take effect.

This plan was provided by 0xPlasma Labs. In explaining this plan, this company explained the position of Binance Smart Chain and said the benefits of being in this network in addition to the Ethereum blockchain.

In the end, the positive vote for the proposal means the agreement to deploy version three (V3) of the UniSwap exchange in Binance Smart China by this team, on behalf of the UniSwap user community. The intellectual rights and intellectual property of UniSwap version 3 codes are guaranteed by a license until the beginning of April 2023, and no protocol can make commercial use of the codes of this product – at least until then.

The two biggest backers of the proposal, aside from Plasma Labs itself, were crypto firm ConsenSys, the creator of the Metamesh wallet, and GFX Labs’ DeFi platform. These two cast 7.03 and 4.92 million votes respectively in support of this plan.

Another celebrity backer was Robert Leshner, CEO of lending platform Compound. Leshner also sent 5.76 million votes in support of this plan.

But this plan also had opponents; The most famous of them was the investment fund of Andersen Horowitz (a16z). The main reason for Andersen Horowitz’s opposition is the use of Wormhole Bridge in UniSwap cross-chain setup. Wormhole Bridge is a competitor of the Layer Zero network bridge, of which Andersen Horowitz is one of the biggest investors.

This news had little effect on the price of uni swap. At the time of writing this article, the price of UNI is a little less than 6.5 dollars and has a slight increase compared to its previous day’s price.

UniSwap’s user community voted positively for its launch on BSC network. The first post was posted on Wallex blog. appeared.


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