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The whales again showed interest in “Quant”.

According to a recent report by Sentiment, digital currency “Quant” (QNT) has recently recorded the largest volume of transactions related to its digital currency whales in the last 16 months. On-Chain analysis shows that on January 7th, 187 transactions with a value of more than $100,000 were made, which was unprecedented in the past 16 months.

According to Wallex and quoted by NewsBTC, ten days ago, Sentiment published a report on the intensification of the activities of digital currency whales against the QNT token. At that time, this activity led to a 10% growth in the price of quant, but this recent increase in activity has not yet led to a similar result.

Graph of the number of large quantum transactions

According to many, quant currency can be one of the most promising tokens in 2023. Despite the 40% drop in the price of QNT last year, Quant’s analysis shows that the supply share of this token in exchanges has decreased by 23.4%.

This indicates that there is significant demand for this cryptocurrency in 2022, and if overall market conditions improve in the coming months, Quant could see a significant price increase.

According to Bitnation’s price forecast, Quant could end 2023 at $203, which is an increase of 80.17% over its current price. The team also predicts that the average and minimum market price of this asset will be around $169 and $135, respectively.

CoinCodex, another popular cryptocurrency price prediction site, also paints a positive outlook for the future of the QNT token. According to the prediction of this site, if following a pattern similar to the growth pattern of the Internet, this currency can reach the price of $175.27 in 2023.

It is worth noting that no institution can predict the future of the market with certainty. Therefore, do not take these predictions as financial advice.

Quantum Network has also unveiled its development plans to expand the ecosystem. Some of these projects are already under development.

Quant also plans to provide more updates to the Overledger blockchain and introduce new technical solutions for developers so that they can build and launch their blockchain projects more easily.

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