There is so second best orange-pilling playlist!

From no-coiner to orange-pilled pleb in 8 hrs, 41 mins, 19 secs. I made this for people to send to their friends and family. Pure signal. No sponsorship, affiliate links, or anything like that.



“Want to quickly understand Bitcoin? This playlist can be watched in 1 day. After this I highly suggest reading The Bitcoin Standard and listening to Bitcoin Audible. If you decide to buy Bitcoin, learn about self-custody (“Not your keys.Not you coins.”). BTC Sessions on YouTube has excellent tutorials. If you want to learn about macro economics, first watch Ray Dalio’s How The Economic Machine Works. Then start watching Lyn Alden, Preston Pysh, Greg Foss, and James Lavish interviews. Welcome to the peaceful revolution! I’m @ wotterdog on Twitter if you have any questions.”


Lol. The title. You know what I mean.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. If you don’t like how I structured this playlist, I encourage you to make your own! YouTube is a powerful learning tool for no-coiners. Convincing people to jump cold into reading The Bitcoin Standard is a hard sell lol. I made this because it aligns with my rabbit hole journey and it synthesizes my Bitcoin ramblings into something more digestible for friends/family.

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