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THIS is How to Keep Your Crypto & NFTs SAFE from HACKS (Ledger Nano X)

There are a lot of NFT and cryptocurrency scams and hacks going around these days. This video shows you how to keep your crypto & NFTs safe from hacks with the Ledger Nano X physical wallet (also called a hardware wallet or cold storage wallet).

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Whether you have Bitocin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Dogecoin (DOGE), or any other crypto, having a hardware wallet like a Ledger or Trezor will keep your private keys safe from hackers.

Even if you have your crypto on Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, or in a wallet like Trust Wallet or Metamask, it’s not 100% secure because your private keys are exposed to the internet.

Hardware wallets also protect your NFTs like Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Creature World, Wrapped Strikers, Veefriends, and all the others as well.

Let me know what questions you have and if you need help setting up your physical wallet.

*Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies which Devren Cook will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. This is not investment advice.


download THIS is How to Keep Your Crypto & NFTs SAFE from HACKS (Ledger Nano X)

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  1. 2 weeks into cryto just bought a nano X yesterday this video just scrambled my eggs 😵‍💫 I’m lost

  2. but if someone hacked your phone or your lan they could be hacking the ledger aswell because its connected by bluetooth or even the app or am i wrong ?

  3. all i do to be honest is use two latops i have one holds the nfts and is never connected to discord or anything and they other i buy the nfts with and then send them to my other wallet…i have no idea where my ledger actually is but i'll never lose my laptop lol.

  4. I just wish Ledger never had that massive customer data leak. That put me off buying for a while.

  5. Can you set up two eth accounts/wallet addresses on the nano x so two appear on metamask??

  6. Hello I have a question, once you connected your ledger to metamask and added ledger 1 account. Is that a whole new MM wallet address? so transferring between MM wallets essentially but this new wallet has added security. reason why I ask if say nfts I have on my ledger wallet are up to receive airpdrops and they come into my ledger wallet MM address. will I still be able to receive and transfer airdrops from certain projects like alien frens?

  7. Yo just got hacked and had to buy my lion back smh the worst part of it all is I already have a ledger x. Talk about lazy…

  8. Is your crypto and nft stay in the ledger or they go to the block chain I still don’t get it plz help me!!?

  9. Great Video! Can you have the NFT's that are in the hardware wallet listed for sale? If so, if it sells do you need to approve the transaction on the device?

  10. You can delete apps on nano s and reinstall them without loosing your coins. If you're holder, not a trader, 's' is enough for you probably.

  11. I am unable to find my NFT – I sent from open sea to my ledger wallet address – The NFT is now showing up on opensea with in an address that is identical to my ledger wallet address…I am so confused

  12. Hi! So I’m getting a ledger and I’m just wondering… is there a way to disconnect my current wallet address (MM) from OpenSea to my ledger wallet address? Like is there a way to switch the address I currently have on OpenSea/or add a new one?

  13. Can you explain how it works with minting? Can yiu mint with a hardware wallet?

  14. Do you need to add the nfts to your metamask before transferring over to your ledger?

  15. Hello Dev;

    I have a small question.

    Is it possible to put a small amount BTC (0.02BTC) from my BTC wallet (Ledger Nano X) to another Ledger Nano X(a new Ledger Nano X) and to give it as present to a friend or a family?

    Question here is; can I divide my BTC wallet and give one piece (0,02BTC) to someone else?
    (With a new Ledger Nano X and pin code and private key of new Ledger Nano X.)
    He(or she) can add the Bitcoin himself to his account with present Ledger Nano X.

  16. ok i get charged gas fees for each nft i send to to my ledger account did I do that right?

  17. if someone know my seed phrase, this do nothing… i tested with a friend , he still continue sending without any problem…

  18. Hey Can I send my NFTs using the" send batch" from OpenSea, or do I have to send them one by one to my new ledger account?

  19. If my seed phrase for my existing metamask wallet is compromised and I get the Nano Ledger X, if they try to use that seed phrase to log in, they won't be able to touch my tokens as long as they have been transferred to the ledger wallet right?

  20. i have a question can transfter all the coins to this wallet lets say if i buy this right now and i have coing on my metamask , coinbase, or any other wallets can i tarnsfer them to this wallet to kkeep them secure

  21. Hi , first of all video was great , thank you . Have a query , for transferring nft to hardware wallet , there will be gas fees right , so if we have 5-10 nfts , for transferring each time we have to pay enormous gas fees right

  22. Question. Can i set everything up with out a pc and just using my iphone and ledger x?

  23. I just received my nano x. Do I have to transfer my nfts one by one from mm to my x?

  24. Bro your seed phrase is compromised and if you're using this wallet to store money i recommend you create a new seed phrase. You recorded this video and used an editing software to blur out the words. That means your seed phrase has been exposed to a computer, and if you used your phone to record then probably Google photos would have backed it up. Very un safe

  25. I need help!.I can't transfer my NFT from my nano Ledger x . It's gives me a unknown error. I already went into settings and updated firmware for the nano x so that's not the issue on the hardware side. So at this point idk what to do

  26. Can I send them with my iPhone without using a computer? I own a nano X

  27. I had to watch this again because I just got my hardware wallet today. Thanks DEV 💯👏🏾💪🏾

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