This is why watching the flow is always advised to those helping counter the bots. It’s the same flow pattern and the sake thing happens every time.

This was our exit demo before we last stopped to make way for anonymous on general to take over.

The media have become a giant Asch experiment… From reporting on outdoor echos to implying we are heading toward 2018.

This was a recent test of the same thing. The demos can be large or small. This is how little it takes to trigger a switch once the floor value is found.

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Like in the prior post this is gonna get more intense so the prior post has some bg info to anyone new and explains why we bother. This is much more than it seems as we have always said. And we’ll continue to be as transparent as possible and relaying info to help everyone organise and win.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. As a reminder no need to comment. Just respond if you have any questions need any help etc.

    You can check @bird and prior plays by back tracking our return posts and referring to the distraction plays over at the bird.

    One of the best things about crowd power is that everyone gains from info and working together all the while everything is decentralised and can come up with novel strategies/techniques of their own and refining their own tools.

    Anyhow keep up the good work. Remember. Nothing has to really happen for it to register. Drawing the chart carefully can force the narrative our way by drawing what analysts would have to acknowledge.

    Keeping doge stable has always been our strategy but that was really just wading in the water as usual were open to ideas. None of the requests to do anything exploitive. After 3 years there’s no reason why suddenly we’d become our opposition. We gotta keep the moral high ground and not become them. Ever.

    You can find your own motivations but we’re always going to maintain the code of ethics.

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