This week’s wrap up of the rally. Keep up the great work guys. Glad to see everyone still active and glad to see new comers as well.

Just like with the crowd count time zone demo if we see you that means you’re not fitting in. The algorithms anticipate humans and will throw out any indicators that seem like spam. There are obvious methods to both jam the bots and override their signals while broadcasting crowd signals that appear as indistinguishable from people just randomly reacting to fud fomo etc.

Keep the bots reacting and not proactive and keep track of the flow. We started lagging LTC a Sunday at a time. The effects are the same. Dm if you want to see them. You can see the ctrl V attack and ctrl Z attack coordinated and shown @the bird.

The effects of doing this are explained in the wrap up which includes info to the new comers. It also has more info on how to leave as little trace as possible by fitting in to what you see others doing and using crowd accounts when you can.

So here’s the final phase as always: the wrap up. – (ignore the top. That’s just meant to keep the wrong attention and force chatterbots and their farmers to give up.)


As usual this is just a message. No need to respond unless you have questions or want help then dm here or @ the bird. If you don’t know what’s going on that’s fine you are invited to join in but it’s not really necessary unless you wanted to understand how the modern economy works well past the days of front running and arbitrage bots.

The most common question is “why do we bother with doge.” and it’s answered with every demo… It’s just not really spoken about because of the implications. The fear in the past was that divulging that you can literally crash the economy by crashing crypto was something we didn’t really think was a good idea to publish but since its already happened. It’s hardly a secret anymore.

We’re trying to keep everyone happy and like we say “everyone indirectly gains” from this… Refer to the last post where we show the overall tracker like weve done countless times in the past along with the countless demos forewarning about how crypto was being used to manipulate, inflate and loot the market 3 years ago as well as 3 weeks prior to it happening.

So we satisfied all goals as usual including breaking the news just like the last time in the midst of the dual crash to help anyone who didn’t get the warnings recoup.

A little late to “your own party” apparently? Can I check your invitation?

Rest assured nothing were doing is illegal or unethical. It wouldn’t be so casual if it were illegal and again, since like we said during the setup to the rally “everyone benefits, I personally like everyone else only gain indirectly”.

**Background:**( since we only pop in like once a blue moon so plenty of people probably don’t know what’s happening.)

During the years we were active prior and a bit after snl before the shadow banning swarm arove, all we did was play to keep things as stable as possible and do whatever was possible to keep the economy from being raped.

We’re only doing what is normally done in private for the personal gain of the few but doing it publicly for everyone’s gain. The prior doge rally done not under this handle was done in the midst of the dual crypto / market crash that led to suicides. Weeks prior we issued warning that it was coming and that we would not be interfering that time for obvious reasons tied to what was happening at the time.

But before, as a final demonstration of how the crash would work we did a sector crash but returned it back to where it was in reverse sequence, ctrl Z, essentially like the concurrent attack on LTC that freed doge to rally and led to the market upswing.

This is the same principle as the sector attack on LTC. (ignore the top, it’s just meant to hide what’s below from the wrong attention.)

This was a demo of how the crash would work but across all sectors before we stepped aside and stopped using this handle while things were too crazy.

During that time we had plenty of people who were hurting asking for help beyond the scope of what we do I e. Help running secret pump and dumps. I sure as hell wouldn’t respond to any offers and there were members who sadly got greedy and wanted to take advantage of the crash and its insane volatility. People become desperate during desperate times.

**Current thoughts on Ðoge** and what otherwise makes it special if anyone cares:

I still believe in doge apart from all its mechanics because it’s the crypto that presumes the world will go on and we’ll all be fine while btc essentially wants the world to fall apart convinced they’d gain by default. Ether is not really a crypto currency and is not decentralised.

If you think the fed is bad and printing too many dollars, imagine the same thing but an outright cartel that plays by the same rules and even has the same exact business model and hierarchy as the petro cartel but rather than the fed it was just literally a black abyss that isn’t even rad or metal but soggy and gross.

Doge has no fixed hierarchy and no artificial scarcity built in where a legacy elite already preside stratified to the point where the average person would only be spending dust and leaving dust trails everywhere. Doge is dust free in its transactions irl. No currency needs artificial scarcity, a total cap, and a ridiculous 8 decimal point articulation making it only untraceable for use without conversion I e. For things money shouldn’t be able to buy.

Despite how cynical I am I think it’s possible to unchain Ðoge. A thing being less accessible ie more scarce makes it LESS useful. Gold isn’t valuable because it’s scarce, it’s scarce because it’s valuable. The current chip crunch is due to the attack on REEs, from Myanmar to Ukraine. REEs aren’t necessarily rare, but mining them and refining them yields all the things we need to harness electricity and the future. The attack on REEs made it artificially scarce. The feudal era made gold silver copper and other precious metals artificially scarce.

Those all valuable because they’re inherently useful. And their by products are useful. Btc is not scarce because it’s valuable. It was scarce to allow for it to be controlled. No currency needs to be subdivided into 8 decimal points + a leading integer. The concept that it’s scarce literally falls apart like diamonds into ash, or a diamond broken into a million pieces.

The wider spread availability of Ðoge, its perfect branding, motto, and the lack of an artificial limit prevents it from becoming a cartel with any fixed hierarchy. It is what would increase its odds of actually being adopted like if everyone had Pokémon cards versus if they were all hoarded and most people only had barely a pack. The dollar is valuable because lots of people have dollars, so will take dollars to pay debts. It’s sadly also backed by petro as the petro reserve note. So entire nations need to stock like dollars to pay for petro. This is why the dollar is don’t so much better than the other national currencies.

Ðoge is backed by the law of reciprocity. We will always have a need for a gift currency. It’s why people willingly buy store credit to gift eachother (even though returning something for store credit is crap, so for lack of a gift currency we give eachother things we ourselves would hate to have to have.)

All money is debt notes. I. E. Used to pay down debt. Gift currency is only gift curency because of the context that its given where its not to pay down a debt that is begrudgingly or otherwise owed, but to reciprocate value as the law of reciprocity always promotes, or to support someone with a boost. Sometime a thank you isn’t enough and just pushing a wad of 1s into someone’s hands feels like it cheapens the favor down to a specific dollar amount. All currencies fluctuate we just don’t really think about it. Doge can reach that stage when we just presume it has a floor value that’s greater than a thank you or what you’d be willing to pick up off the floor.

The greater its adoption the more we hope everyone it is gifted to will gain more than what we had given. Rather than using it as a gamble or an “investment” it could actually be used irl. I always keep like 1000 doge on my phone to pass onto others. I’d suggest you all do the same if you want everyone to adopt support the currency. And how much more easily would a curency whose sigil is a doggo, or starter Pokémon be adopted across all cultures?

Ðoge has its bumps ahead, but it also has a special support base that is different than other cryptos. It’s never financed any coups, was never used to promote black mail I. E. The great fappening etc. And isn’t associated to the black market. It’s got a bright future ahead of it from my perspective. But that’s very much dependent on plenty of ifs.

Take care of yourself your friends and fam and stay safe!

And great job fam. It’s amazing how well we’ve been able accomplish all the things we have done and it’d be impossible without everyone.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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