Tipping in Twitter?

I’ve been noticing a few more posts recently on Doge/Twitter and discussion of whether or not it may be utilized on the platform. The longer we endure the wait, the more we become pessimistic on anything coming to fruition. Also with other proposed ideas (Such as a Twitter Coin), sometimes we get a little discouraged. In my opinion, we can still do a relatively good job having our dreams come true if we wish to see more adoption if we come together and show support.

Shout out to TDogewshiperer on Twitter for this example: (Reference photo).
Also, reference this site for more information & to set it up if need: [](

I also believe there may be ‘other’ 3rd party application or Tip options out there, but this is one I put on mine. It’s done via the []( portion of your profile. In my opinion, it doesn’t necessarily show you have a Tip Jar. But I think that could be countered by putting it in your profile description &/or by creating a ‘Pinned’ Tweet.

Which leads to the following question. Why would people tip? To show appreciation? To support a cause? Would users be more open to tipping to get something in return? My idea, would be to pin a Tweet, include the QR Code Doge Image, and offer simple services for low fees to conduct selective actions. As an example below:
I’m accepting Doge Tips!!
– 5 $doge for a ‘like’
– 25 $doge for a ‘reply’
– 50 $doge for a ‘retweet’
– 100 $doge for a ‘follow’
– 250 $doge to promote something (like your business, etc)
– Any amount of $doge if you just want to show support or appreciation

Amount of $doge can vary, based off of market trends (cost per doge) and strength of Twitter account. Users set their own costs for service, etc. etc.

Anyone else here gone as far as adding the link for the qr code option?


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Or, we just wait for official announcements by actual companies instead of taking a 2-line-tweet by a billionaire as gospel.

    The only way you can get pessimistic is if you are waiting for something.

    Doge is a community project. If you want so see something done, do it.

    The one thing that does literally nothing for Doge is “waiting for other people to do something”

  2. Don’t know man, with those rumors that there may ve working on a specialized crypto for doing transactions on tweeter doge is not looking good, I hope this are just rumors

  3. I think Twitter will make their own coin. Dogecoin > Twitter Coin so it doesn’t matter what they’ve decided, their coin will never be good as decentralized PoW Dogecoin

    A Twitter coin would = libra = low usage fail

  4. Control looks like an issue with this design. Twitter will get zero crypto from myself if there’s a middle-man (Twitter Coin).

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