To those who followed the recent analysis. The reason why we decided to stop posting after the 3 weeks of warning before the dual crash is because our posts are public and affect the market.

So take that into consideration. In the past when we would post it would do demos such as this… — this was not the only place we communicate obviously (the reason why the alt was used was because prior to the crash we wanted to make sure we would have no finger prints associated and warned as much as we could to strap in, the “money ain’t real types” we’re beginning to becoming the majority. That and the complexity of anonymous vs elon meant unlike last year we wouldn’t challenge anonymous. That’d be a foolish. Black hatters for the most part took over and while we always tried to aim for stability once the time came, the stars aligned in a way that allowed anonymous to take full control there was no way we’d be able to challenge them even if we disagreed with the cause which we actually don’t…

The best we could do was the rescue pump to help the community recoup but that was a very small short term block of time we took control of that would self correct once zoomed out so it was as if nothing happened anyway which is how taking control of blocks of time works.

The crowd efforts can create very immediate effects to help those who are around at the time like the 1st post we ever did that warned of a 20 percent discount coming up on 4 hours after midnight that night.

It was really fun for a while when we had free and open communication until the board became full of rocket spam and the exodus occurred. Shadow banning block listing was applied to anyone who participated and lots of cyber stalking happened.

Spotting the flow pattern and showing where its going, how it works etc publicly affects the game similar to just shouting out loud that I have 4 aces in the middle of a poker game.

You can see the floor value that was anticipated that its now wavering around but publicly stating it will affect how it will be perceived. When I say we’re not doing anything odds are people think we’re lying though we’ve bluffed and trolled but even in those circumstances we would literally write trololo afterward since the purpose was to play word games to trigger the bots when there was no over sight.

Bots are farmed, sometimes with oversight sometimes without. Our public analyses will have a heisenberg effect which annoys those who were planning what they were. But by being public we are being fair to all parties.

The floor value predicted is currently holding. But there is no reason why that wouldn’t just change now that its been publicised. The analysis is the key take away.

I won’t say anymore but you can probably guess what will happen. But just be aware that every play is a short term effect and the next play can be planned as soon as literally from the time we posted the last message.

This is why we seldom post anymore. Unless were active were just kinda amplifying the gaming of the system which isn’t the intention and I wish there was a better way to explain how everything works publicly without our counter parts not wanting us to “blow their cover.” I wish someone had a better way but no one has really come up with any way that would work other than what would amount to 24 7 baby sitting of the economy which would be absurd.

So to those who want to believe we are still intervening, it’s more likely those who are following intervening on our behalf second guessing what they think we’d want but I can assure you I have no clue what is the best strategy which is why we stopped.

Like we’ve mentioned before even when we were actively engaged in crowd market stabilisation we were only doing what is typically done in the “dark web” (not really as dark webby as people say, it’s like irc, discord, etc.) but doing it all openly with 24 hours notice before we’d even do any thing so everyone could prepare including those who might be annoyed by what we do (did). The 24 hour rule made sure even those who we were countering had fair notice. This was a quick and dirty analysis to show how to read the signals and how the game is played. But it’s ephemeral. Again the key take away is the how and analysis and how we knew it’d reach the floor value of 9 and waver from there as we predicted.

If I were to post past demos this post would likely not appear. If you see any “removed” posts they’re shadow banned. We never delete posts as a rule and if you want to read anything simply dm and like were Experian or something well send you the full report.

Our typical method was 24 hour notice of intent. Action. Then wrap up.

Since we didn’t have any action phase and this was simple an analysis all we have is a wrap up for ya.

For the records…. Signals…

The analysis of how we knew it’d settle on 9 as the floor and ceiling is holding for now.

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We started during the peak to warn people of where the ride would be settling.

As usual don’t bother reporting. This is all pro bono and we don’t deserve credit. We’re just doing what we have no choice but to do since not sharing info you know is against all the ethics we stand by.


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Typo *reporting = responding.

    If you respond with anything that seems like it might do anything to encourage people to read this you’ll likely be shadow banned and block listed anyway.

    This was our final warning before the dual crash.

    It was disguised as a random news segment.

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