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Tron scam, is Tron cryptocurrency a scam?

Tron is one of the ambitious projects of the cryptocurrency market, which is highly popular among the market participants. In this article, we try to answer the question of whether Tron digital currency is a scam by examining the history of this currency and the opinion of active experts in this field. to find Stay with us in the rest of this article.

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What is Tron currency?

Before we delve into the Tron scam, it’s better to add a little more information about this digital currency. Tron with the symbol TRX is one of the well-known and popular cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market, which has many fans.

The project of this currency was launched and developed by a person named Justin Sun; But there is not much information about the other people who were involved in the development and launch of this project. According to the developers, the Tron network is capable of 2,000 transactions per second and does not charge any fees for these transactions.

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the developers and the nature of the operation of this currency, it is better to go to the main point and check the fraud of the Tron currency.

Tron Scam Review

It cannot be said that the Tron project is a scam. This project is one of the strongest blockchain projects operating in financial markets. Tron fraud refers to projects that have been launched using the Tron network and caused investors to lose their capital. In the following, we will introduce some of these projects and finally, by giving an example, we will prove the high validity of Tron.

Introducing Tron currency fraud projects

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, many projects are defrauding investors by abusing Tron’s name. In the following, we will review some of the most important ones and explain how they work so that you can make the best decision if you see similar cases.

Eco Smart

One of the scam projects is Tron Eco Smart. This project is based on Smart contracts It has been designed and the condition of payment of 5000 Tron units has been considered for the user to enter the project. After paying this amount, you have to register and introduce new people to this project to receive the commission. If you do this, you will be awarded a commission for each member’s entry up to level 15; But after that you will not receive any commission. With a little investigation, you will find that the working method of this project is very similar to pyramid companies, only the only difference is the use of technology and an intelligent platform to deceive people and defraud Tron.

Bank of Tron project

Another example of Tron cryptocurrency scam project, Bank of Tron Is. This project, like Eco Smart, created a smart contract and invited investors to invest in its project. Many investors invested in this project due to the greed of getting wealth and lost their funds. In these cases, it is better for the investor to do a little research on the project and examine the reason for launching it, and if he realizes that it is unsupported, he should refrain from investing in it.

Viking Group Project or Viking Tron (WayKingTron)

Vikingtron is another example of a Ponzi project launched on the platform of the Tron blockchain, and many people mistakenly consider it a Tron scam. Unlike the previous two projects, this project promised people to get rich with little investment. To invest in this project, it is enough to deposit 100 trons into your account and then earn profit by subcategorizing. The working method is quite similar to the previous project, but a wider range of people are involved; Because less initial capital is needed.

The important thing about all the scams done in the Tron network is to deposit an amount to enter the project and receive the subcategory and earn profit. Now, some projects charge a high amount to enter, and some others allow people to enter the project with small amounts.

Removal of Tron fraud charges

In order to prove that Tron is not a scam, several reasons can be mentioned, the most important of which is having a specific plan to enter the market and develop the Tron network. Now let’s examine the accusation of Tron being a fraud with an example.


Suppose you buy product X from a reputable store, but after opening the product, you notice a defect in the product. Can you say that because this product has a problem, all the products in this store have a problem? Certainly such an argument cannot be made.

This issue can be extended to the Tron network. Suppose a project is launched in this network and you invest in it. After a while, the project has problems and your capital is lost. Is there a problem with the main network? no Your project is just one of several projects launched on this network, many of which are valid and have been working for years.

So, whenever a new project is introduced to you on the Tron network, it is better to do the necessary research before investing. This will prevent possible losses in the future.

Tron is a stable and reliable network

In this article, we have thoroughly examined the issue of Tron fraud. We have introduced the projects that used this network to defraud investors so that you can get to know their way of working. It is better to keep in mind that most of the cheating methods in the Tron network are similar to each other. Those who launch projects encourage people to invest in their projects with different promises and using new tricks.

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