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Vitalik Buterin donated $227,000 to earthquake victims in Turkey

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin made two significant donations to victims of last week’s devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

According to Valx and quoted by Coin Telegraph, a strong earthquake of 7.8 magnitude shook parts of Turkey and Syria on February 6. The official death toll of this disaster has reached 33,000 people, making it one of the most catastrophic earthquakes in recent years in the world.

During the past week, Vitalik Buterin was one of many people who supported the efforts of the relief forces. His last donation came on February 12, according to PeckShield. On this date, he sent 50 Ether – equivalent to $77,000 – to the NGO Anka Relief.

Anka thanked Butrin for his generosity and acknowledged that various crypto donations had been deposited into the organization’s account since the first day of the disaster.

Anka has provided a list of cryptocurrency addresses that can be used to send donations. Previously, Web 3.0 users had made a similar move to collect aid for Ukrainian war victims. Ukraine DAO was the crypto-philanthropic organization that facilitated the fundraising.

Buterin previously donated another $150,000 to the Ahbap organization. The activities of this public and non-profit organization are dedicated to helping people affected by the earthquake.

Ahbap claims to have received around $4.3 million in crypto donations so far. The Financial Times reported last week that companies active in the field of cryptocurrency have donated more than 10 million dollars to earthquake victims. Binance alone was responsible for five million dollars of these contributions.

Binance also announced that it will donate $100 BNB to users who have been in affected areas.

This is not the first time that the power of digital currencies has been used to help in natural disasters. In 2015, after the massive earthquake in Nepal, many Bitcoin donations were made to the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

By Vitalik Buterin, $227,000 was donated to earthquake victims in Turkey. appeared.


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