What bitcoin address has had the most bitcoin flow through it?

I was poking around blockchain explorers, like one does on a Thursday night, and came across a bitcoin address that’s had more bitcoin flow in and out of it than will ever exist.

22.8M bitcoin have flowed in and out of that address. It has to belong to an exchange or a mixer. You can see from the chart that it got funded about a year ago and it looks like it sees lots of distributions less than a whole bitcoin with occasional topoffs since then.

I’m less interested in what it is as much as interested in whether there’s an online resource that lists addresses by the total bitcoin flowing through them.

I’d love to know what the largest number of bitcoin that have flowed through a single address, as well as how many addresses have had more than 21M bitcoin go through them.

Anyone know of a resource like that?


hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Note: addresses should only be used once in order to maintain cryptographic security. See Jimmy Song’s Programming Bitcoin book.

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