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What is Aim Token wallet? How to use Volt Imtoken

Aim Token Wallet is a mobile wallet with a simple user interface. In addition to the possibility of exchanging digital currency and storing it, this wallet has other features. By creating an account in this free wallet, you can use all its features. If you are not sure about the security of your assets, connect the AimCoin wallet to a hardware wallet.

Introducing Aim Token wallet

ImToken wallet is a multi-purpose software wallet built according to ImToken’s blockchain technologies. This wallet is the only standard digital currency ERCIt supports 20. Some of these digital currencies are: BTC, LTC, ETH, TRX, EOS, etc. When you store your tokens in this wallet, you have a secure and user-friendly environment for your transactions. One of the important features of the ImToken wallet is No transaction fees is one of its users. It means that you only have to pay a small amount as a fee to the miner to make transactions in this wallet.

There are two versions of Aim Token wallet in the market, which include:

  • ImToken Wallet 1.0: This version only allows you to transfer and receive tokens and only supports Ethereum (ETH) wallets.
  • ImToken Wallet 2.0: This version is international and supports all types of wallets and decentralized applications (DApps).

If you download ImToken Wallet and create an account, you can access the following features.

  • It allows you to store all types of digital currencies from any blockchain platform.
  • Through the performance of your shares in this wallet, you are awarded a passive income.
  • There is full and direct access to decentralized applications in this wallet.
  • All transactions are done very quickly and easily.
  • With the help of the ImKey hardware wallet, you can connect the ImKey wallet to each other and increase the security of your assets.

Aim token wallet features

In addition to the ability to store digital currency, send and receive them, this wallet has several important developed features, which include the following. Of course, to make the most of these features, you should check out the ImToken wallet tutorial.

Staking in Aim Token wallet

One of the most important features of this wallet, which was added during development, is the possibility Sticking (Staking) is To do staking in this wallet, just select the Browser option and click on the Staking option. Now you enter the main page related to wallet staking. Aim Token wallet in addition to supporting (ATOM) from other blockchains Proof of stock (POS) supports such as Polkadot, Tezos and Kusama.

Decentralized Applications (DApps)

In fact, many wallets do not allow direct access to decentralized applications. For this reason, you must have a username or password to access these programs URL Enter your desired program in the search field. Of course, most wallets have a section on proposed decentralized applications that you can choose from as well. Aim Token wallet gives you direct access to decentralized applications and no need to search for them.

List of digital currencies with the best price in Aim Token wallet

In the Markets section of this wallet, you can see the price movements of digital currencies and choose the best digital currency. in part Markets Wallet, there are two options, Trade and Quotation. in part QuotationUsers can prepare a list of their favorite digital currencies and track their prices in that list. Also, in Aim Token wallet, users can check the price of digital currencies in exchanges Binance And they have Bittrex.

Browsers in Aim Token wallet

Browser section or Browser It is related to the search for decentralized applications. In this section, you need to search for the app name or URL to access it. Of course, further down the browser page, there are suggestions for decentralized apps that you can choose from as well.

Profile in Aim Token wallet

The profile section related to your user account includes important items such as:

  • Wallet management: In this section you can create a new wallet or enter another wallet.
  • Settings: In this section, you can increase the security of your wallet and assets. For example, the Touch ID option helps you log in to your wallet with the help of a fingerprint sensor or option Hide Balanceit hides your wallet so that others cannot access it.

Advantages and limitations of Aim Token wallet

ImToken wallet, like any other digital currency wallet, has advantages and disadvantages. Before starting to use any wallet, you should be aware of its pros and cons and choose them wisely.

Advantages of Aim Token wallet

Benefits of Aim Token wallet

  • I am token one wallet HD Is. That is, this wallet generates a public address for each of your transactions, based on which, public and private keys are no longer needed.
  • Aim Token wallet is a wallet Open Source Is. Open source software is designed by programming codes. Based on this, users can change these codes and personalize the wallet for themselves.
  • This wallet is an integrated exchange. That is, you can use the swap token option in the wallet and do your exchanges without needing fiat currency. This benefit has been added to Aim Token wallet by Kyber network. In the past, users had to convert their digital currencies first fiat currency They converted and bought digital currency with it again. In this case, the swap costs would be very high.

Aim Token Wallet Limits

This wallet from fiat currency does not support That means you cannot buy fiat currency, digital currency or digital currency in this wallet. Exchanges in this wallet are done only in the form of digital currency to digital currency.

 Authentication Aim Token wallet is not multi-factor. Like many other wallets, it only supports single-factor authentication, which may greatly reduce the security of your assets. For this reason, it is better to use other security methods.

This feature wallet Multiple signatures does not have. This feature is related to the transactions of each user. Before a transaction is completed, multiple users must sign your transaction document to confirm the transaction. In this case, the security of the transaction will be very high, which, of course, Aim Token wallet does not support this feature.

Installing Aim Token wallet

Aim token wallet for Iranian users

ImToken wallet has two mobile versions suitable for Android and IOS, which are available to users with a size of 50 MB. The use of this wallet is also possible for Iranian users and it is also available to them. Also, due to its very simple user interface, it is considered a popular option among Iranian users. To improve the security of your assets in this wallet, you can connect it to the ImKey hardware wallet.

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