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What is Arbitrum Network? Arbitrum is the largest Ethereum second layer solution

Ethereum is a unique platform launched with the aim of developing decentralized applications (DApps). The acceptance of this network and its acceptance by different platforms has caused the cost of its transactions to increase and this network to become very crowded. Compensating for these limitations requires Improving the scalability of the Ethereum network has it. For this, various solutions have been provided, one of which is the use of Arbitrum. Arbitrum is known as the most popular Ethereum layer two solution and has been able to play an important role in improving the performance and user experience of Ethereum. But what exactly is Arbitrum and how does it help to solve the limitations of the Ethereum network? In this article, we fully examine the Arbitrum network and its application.

What is Arbitrum?

The Arbitrum Network is a layer 2 solution designed to support the Ethereum blockchain as well as improve its smart contract capabilities. Increasing transaction speed, scalability and network security It is one of the most important applications of Arbitrum. In fact, this network was launched with the aim of compensating the deficiencies of Ethereum contracts and preventing the high implementation costs of this blockchain.

Arbitrum is designed so that developers can easily create contracts Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and continue to perform Ethereum transactions in the second layer while maintaining the high security of one Ethereum layer. In fact, this platform allows users to make transactions within the Ethereum blockchain easily and at a lower cost.

The solution of the second layer of Ethereum is from a technique called roll up (transaction rollups) is used to store a batch of transactions sent to the Ethereum main chain. Arbitrum executes these transactions on an inexpensive and scalable Layer 2 sidechain. Instead, it uses Ethereum to ensure correct results. This process helps offload computing and storage, which is one of Ethereum’s main problems.

How does the Arbitrum network work?

Arbitrum is a powerful network in the second layer, as an optimistic roll-up (optimistic rollup) Is known. This network allows Ethereum blockchain smart contracts to send messages between contracts in the main network and contracts in the second layer of arbitrage. Be careful that most transactions are completed in the second layer and its results are recorded in the main chain. This will increase the speed and efficiency of Ethereum.

Any validator can start collecting and sending blocks and validating other blocks. Meanwhile, optimistic rollup describes how to use public information to reconstruct the complete history of the chain. The Arbitrom network ensures that the codes are executed correctly so that the validations are done in principle. This process helps Ethereum become more resistant to any threat and collusion.

How does arbitration work?

Future versions of Arbitrum will include two modes of sidechains and AnyTrust channels. The Arbitrum network, like other blockchains, allows independent nodes (nodes) to participate in the Arbitrum chain. Nodes that are responsible for validation play an important role in observing the state of the chain. Full nodes also help collect layer one transactions.

The group responsible for collecting transactions and sending them to the chain of layer one receives a reward in the form of Ethereum. Other Ethereum transaction costs are split between network members and validators. The network runs a challenge phase to make sure the validations are correct. In fact, thanks to this feature of the Arbitrum network, validators check the validity of a block completely and, in case of a mistake, report the issue under the title of challenge. The remarkable thing about this feature is the high rigor and high accuracy when working. Because if the validator does not do his job properly and sends a wrong report, all his property will be confiscated.

Considering these conditions, it can be said that Arbitrum has made every effort to ensure that all processes, including validation, are done fairly. If any member commits a violation, he must face the consequences.

What are the unique features of Arbitrom network?

In this section of the article, what is the Arbitrom network, we will examine the most important features of this network. Arbitrum is designed to improve the Ethereum user experience and enable developers to launch efficient and scalable Ethereum-compatible smart contracts.

But Arbitrum isn’t the first network to improve Ethereum’s performance and challenge its limitations. This network has been able to overcome powerful platforms such as the Optimism network, which is a powerful second layer solution for Ethereum. Now the question is, what are the most important features of Arbitrum? Why is this network so popular? This platform has many features and benefits that make it stand out from other networks. These features include:

Advantages of Ethereum's second layer solution

Compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

EVM is the Ethereum virtual machine that executes the smart contracts of this network. Arbitrom network is one of the platforms that is very compatible with this virtual machine. This has made Arbitrum easily able to perform the desired operations for the implementation of smart contracts. In fact, this platform does not need to be familiar with different programming languages ​​and codes to develop the Ethereum network.

Benefit from powerful development tools

The Arbitrum network development team is very powerful and has made every effort to prevent obstacles from entering the second layer when providing solutions. To use this network, there is no need to download any tools, plugins or compilers such as Hardhat or Truffle. Therefore, everyone can use Arbitrum’s services and make their transactions at a lower price and faster.

low cost

The Arbitrom network is known as a scalable second layer solution for Ethereum that both helps increase transaction throughput and minimizes transaction costs. In fact, due to its powerful roll-up technology, this virtual currency helps transactions to be carried out at a low cost, and on the other hand, validators have enough motivation to check these transactions.

Developed ecosystem

Arbitrum has an advanced and developed ecosystem. This platform currently works with Ethereum DApps and infrastructure projects including Uniswap, DODO, Sushi, etc. The number of supporters and partners of this network is increasing and this makes Arbiterum more powerful and popular day by day.

Which gas does Arbitrum use?

In this section of the article What is Arbitrum, we want to check which gas this network uses to pay its fees. Arbitrum uses ArbGas to pay execution fees on the Arbitrum chain. Each Arbitrum VM command has an ArbGas cost. This network does not have any restrictions related to ArbGas, which makes it quite cheap compared to the cost of Ethereum gas. These fees are set to zero by default and are charged to compensate for validation costs on the Arbitrum chain.

What is Karmez Gas Arbitrum?

ArbGas is completely different from Ethereum Gas because it tries to calculate the simulation in AVM. At the same time, Ethereum Gas does not perform any similar function in the Ethereum blockchain. For example, access to storage space in Ethereum costs a lot because the right to storage in the Ethereum network entails obligations for miners. In general, the use of ArbGas makes the Arbitrom network completely affordable.

What is the future of arbitration?

The first layers of Ethereum focused on decentralization and security. This had caused the transaction fees to increase. But the second layers, in addition to the two mentioned, also care about the scalability of the network. Focusing on this triad has made the Arbitrom network popular and a secure second layer solution for Ethereum. This platform has many features and benefits, and with its powerful development team, it helps to improve the user experience of Ethereum. In this article, we examined what Arbitrom network is and how it works. This platform is expanding day by day and cooperates with different ecosystems. According to these interpretations, Arbitrum is expected to play a significant role in the growth of the Ethereum blockchain and reduce its limitations by improving its performance and using modern technologies.

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