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What is Argent wallet? How to use Volt Argent

Argent wallet is one of the most reliable and secure wallets for storing digital currencies and NFT types. The widespread use of this Volt for tokens based on Ethereum (Ethereum) and for this reason, some analysts have called it Ethereum’s dedicated Volt. This mobile wallet supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, which makes it very popular. In this article, we try to fully introduce this volt and explain how to use it step by step.

What is meant by Web 3 wallets?

Web 3 wallets are actually wallets that enable digital currency users to easily and securely store their crypto assets. The unique advantage of these wallets is easy connection and coordination with decentralized applications (DApps). Among the famous wallets of the Web 3 world is MetaMask, which has been favored by millions of cryptocurrency users. Since the centralized wallets of Web 3 are being developed, new wallets have emerged, among which Argent wallet can be mentioned. In the following, we will introduce this wallet.

What is Argent wallet?

Argent is actually one of Ethereum’s proprietary blockchain-based centralized wallets. By helping to develop smart contracts, this wallet offers many features including easy account recovery. For example, in recovering Argent wallet data, there is no need to have a master password or block assets.

As you know, losing a wallet’s private key requires constant checking of transaction logs, which is a hassle. ARGENT wallet has solved this problem. Argent has focused on an attractive and comfortable user interface.

Argent wallet is one of the non-custodial wallets. This means, your asset is stored in the blockchain; But you can manage them by software. In case of a custodial wallet, like a traditional bank, your assets are kept in the wallet system itself and are at the disposal of the wallet team.

What cryptocurrencies does Argent support?

Argent wallet supports all tokens based on ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, which covers a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are also supported by this Volt. If you intend to use this wallet; It is better to first fully familiarize yourself with how to use it and the cryptocurrencies it supports.

What is the unique advantage of ARGENT wallet?

In this section, we want to address the question of what makes the Argent wallet unique? As you know, Ethereum digital currency is one of the biggest projects in the world of blockchain and decentralized applications. Today, various wallets have been created that cover this cryptocurrency and other digital currencies. For example, Metamask, Rainbow and Exodus are popular wallets in the market. These wallets can be considered a fierce competitor of the Argent wallet. However, Argent has unique advantages and features that set it apart from other Volts.

Argent has high security; For example, the Argent Guardians program enables users to identify trusted users and seek their assistance in data recovery. These users need to get majority approval for this. It is interesting to know that the Argent wallet has also unveiled a version based on the ZkSync algorithm. Applications based on proof of zero knowledge help to scale the blockchain and increase the speed of transactions (2000 transactions per second).

Argent security features

Argent wallet security features

The Argent wallet in the Web 3 world has distinct security features that we will mention in the rest of this article. These security features have increased the popularity of this wallet more than ever. Among these features, the following can be mentioned:

Two- or multi-step authentication: This will help you increase the security of your wallet. In this case, if someone is going to log into your account, this login must be approved by the guard (which can be one of your hardware vaults).

Wallet recovery without recovery code: You don’t need seed code (recovery phrases) to recover argent data. Having the recovery code is high risk and may be given to others.

Wallet lock: This feature helps you ask your guardian or attorney to block your wallet on your behalf in case you lose it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Argent wallet

Argent’s advantages include easy withdrawal and transfer of Ethereum digital currency, low fees, easy and safe data recovery, and support for various cryptocurrencies. This volt also has some shortcomings that can be mentioned Few users And Focus on the Ethereum network Cited. In fact, Argent only focuses on the Ethereum network, and this feature may limit some users who deal with other cryptocurrencies. Another leading challenge for Argent is tough competitors like Metamask, which are developing day by day.

How to work with Argent wallet

How to use argent wallet

Now it’s time to learn how to use Argent wallet. It is good to know that this wallet completely free and you can easily use its features. To use this volt, you must follow the steps below:

1. Download the software from the official Argent website. This is the first step to working with this wallet. You can download the Android or iOS version you need by scanning the QR code of the mobile software

2. Go to your account and add some digital currency assets to it. You can add Ethereum blockchain based tokens to Argent wallet. Fortunately, you can convert your fiat currency into digital currency with the help of this volt (this feature is not available for Iranian users).

3. After you have added your property; You can connect your wallet to DeFi decentralized applications and use their services. For this, just go to the Finance section and access these programs.

How much should we spend to use Argent?

Fortunately, downloading the Argent wallet is completely free; But in using it, you may incur a cost. These costs include network fees, asset transfer fees, and fiat to crypto currency conversion. This condition exists in most digital currency wallets.

In this article, we introduced and taught how to use the Argent wallet, and we hope that reading it was useful for you. At the end, if you have any questions about how this software works, let us know.

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