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What is Changeli platform? Changelly is a local site for instant transactions of digital currency

Changelly platform is one of Old exchanges Digital currency is considered to be highly popular among traders due to the provision of instant cryptocurrency exchange services. Since 2015, this platform has managed to attract more than 1.5 million users worldwide. The difference between Chanali and other digital currency exchanges is that you can easily and quickly convert digital currencies to each other.

To learn more about the changelly platform, the services it offers to traders and introduce its advantages and disadvantages, stay with Valex.

Introducing the changelly platform

Chenali is a powerful exchange among cryptocurrency trading platforms that performs the process of buying and selling digital currency instantly. The most important advantage of this decentralized exchange is that it offers the best cryptocurrency exchange fee rate in the crypto market. The changelly platform has a very simple user interface for buying and exchanging more than 170 digital currencies. Changelly was founded in 2015 in collaboration with the Minergate team and became an independent digital currency exchange in 2016. This exchange is established in Seychelles. The main purpose of this work is not to fall within the scope of American and Chinese financial laws. For this reason, you can trade in this exchange without authentication.

The changelly site is considered a growing platform and has been on the path of increasing its services and facilities in the past years. Therefore, in 2020, it unveiled the developed version of Changelly PRO. According to the changelly platform statement, the purpose of establishing this exchange is to meet the needs of all users, both beginners and professionals. Working with this exchange is very simple, has low fees and has 24-hour support.

What services does the changelly platform provide to users?

Chanali is a fast way to exchange cryptocurrencies. This exchange performs requests to convert cryptocurrencies to each other in real time. The changelly platform has a bot that communicates with major exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittrex and HitBTC after registering your request. According to the purchase and sale request, this robot finds the best price and displays it to the user. If the user confirms the price of the currency and pays the displayed price, Chanali bot registers the purchase or sale request. The process of converting digital currency using Chanjli robot takes about 5-20 minutes. For this reason, the amount you receive may vary.

What is the changelly platform fee?

When buying digital currency from changelly, the rate you buy them from is not fixed due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, Chenali always announces the current price of the currency when buying, but there may be a slight fluctuation when your purchase order is made. However, changelly always achieves the lowest possible price when buying cryptocurrency. The transaction fee of this exchange is the same and it receives about 0.5% fee for each transaction.

One thing you should keep in mind when using digital currency exchanges like Chenali is that their main goal is not to get the best price, but to get the lowest price in the shortest possible time.

Which digital currencies does Chanali platform support?

List of cryptocurrencies on the changelly platform

The changelly platform has a wide range of digital currencies and more than 170 cryptocurrencies are listed on this platform. In this exchange, there are restrictions on depositing and withdrawing fiat currency. In fact, users cannot; Like the Iranian digital currency exchange, they can sell their cryptocurrencies in this exchange with fiat money, but they can only convert to other digital currencies. Some of the digital currencies listed in this exchange are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Bytecoin
  • Phantom (Fantomcoin)

Examining the advantages and disadvantages of Chanali platform

Like other trading platforms, Chenjali exchange has a series of advantages and disadvantages, which we will introduce below.


  • Relatively low fees: Changelly has a transaction fee of 0.5% for all transactions, which is quite competitive compared to other exchanges.
  • Instant exchange: Users can make their cryptocurrency transactions with a maximum processing time of 30 minutes.
  • high security: The changelly platform is very secure and has never been hacked to date.


  • High fiat conversion fee: The changelly platform prides itself on its low-cost ecosystem. However, if you are not trading crypto-to-crypto, the purchase fees can be high.
  • Floating rates: Due to the volatile nature of the crypto market and network fees, the final price of the digital currency changes in an instant, making it difficult to control the price.

Changelly platform tools

In October 2019, Changli Exchange released a new version of the mobile application with a fixed rate mechanism for Android and IOS operating systems, so that users can exchange their assets without the risks of market fluctuations. For people who want to trade cryptocurrencies at a floating rate; This service offers one of the lowest transaction fees in the market, i.e. 0.25%. Additionally, users can purchase their crypto assets with a bank card directly from the mobile app and check real-time crypto exchange rates.

Chanjli’s mobile app allows users to log into their main website account, track their transaction history, save a list of addresses for frequently used wallets, and also get quick help from the support team.

Also, if you refer a friend to the changelly platform; You get 50% commission on every transaction your friend makes. This feature starts working for 90 days from the time your friend registers.

Different markets of the changelly site

  • Spot or cash transactions: More than 170 digital currencies can be traded on the spot in Changali Pro exchange.
  • Margin or leveraged transactions: In Changali Pro, the leverage is 50 times, this number is very high compared to other exchanges.
  • Perpetual futures transactions: With futures trading, you can benefit from the benefits of the two-way market, and you can profit from bullish and bearish instruments.

Chenjali Exchange; The choice of Iranians

Changelly platform considers its progress and excellence in fast transactions, high security and easy user interface. It is better to know that Chenjali has limited the access of Iranians due to US sanctions, so you must use IP changing tools to use it. This website is one of the largest digital currency exchange platforms in the world and a huge percentage of its users are Iranians. This service makes exchanges and transactions safely and quickly without the need for authentication, and after the transaction, the currencies are deposited directly into your private wallet.

How do you see the performance of Chenali platform? Do you think it can become one of the best crypto exchanges?

Please share your thoughts with us.

What is Chanjli Platform? The changelly site is a place to do instant transactions of digital currency, the first time on the Wallex blog. appeared.


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