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What is email 3? Decentralized email service in blockchain technology

The new generation of the Internet, which appeared under the name of WEB 3, was able to provide the development and progress for messaging tools such as email by decentralization. Internet WEB 3It is based on artificial intelligence and can fully understand all questions, requests, text, audio and video files. One of the achievements of this Internet is called Email 3, which is the third generation of emails or electronic messages. In this article, we intend to fully introduce this type of email and examine its advantages and disadvantages.

The new generation of email in the web world 3

Let’s first understand the concept of email 3. To understand this concept, messenger Gmail Consider (Gmail). You must have created a Gmail account by now. To create a Gmail account, you need to provide some of your identity information to Google. Contact number, name, surname, etc. These are just some of the information you have to share. But imagine an email that doesn’t need any of this information to use it. A completely safe and convenient messaging platform! Email 3 was created in the WEB3 world so that you can send your email only by connecting to the digital currency wallet and through it.

In mail 3, everything is completely decentralized. Many analysts consider this innovation as a missing phenomenon in the world of WEB 3, which is of great importance. This email has come to solve the shortcomings of traditional email.

How has e-mail 3 changed messaging?

Digital currencies rely on cryptography. This issue goes back even before the creation of the first digital currency. Encryption technology can also be used to encrypt emails and thus make communication more secure. Public-private key cryptography has become increasingly popular with messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Signal. Decentralized email service, thanks to the WEB 3 Internet, can transmit messages completely privately; So that no one can know the content of your message, its destination and origin. Because mail 3 works with a private key that is related to your wallet and uses a peer-to-peer network, it will gradually become widely used among digital currency users. (because these users are familiar with the concept of private key).

Unique benefits of email 3

In the world of Web 3, users operate under pseudonyms; Although their address and digital assets are public; But they cannot be known and there is no way to communicate with them directly. In this section, we are going to discuss the benefits of Email 3.

  • In this innovation, users have access to a unified inbox, but others cannot see which accounts are linked together.
  • Email 3 encrypts messages and stores them in decentralized locations. This means that no one can know the volume of your sent content and the identity of the recipient.
  • This project relies on Web 3 technology and has strong encryption. In Email 3, all messages are encrypted using unique keys known only to the recipient.

Leading challenges for email 3

Leading Challenges for Email 3

One of the leading challenges for email in Web 3 is the low willingness of users to migrate from popular platforms such as Gmail and Signal. Other challenges include finding a way to prevent spam. Although the content of emails is not public; But the email address is public. However, this condition can provide grounds for sending malicious messages to users. Email 3 experts are trying to create a mechanism to prevent spam as soon as possible.

The future of the mail project 3

Right now, the Web 3 email project is progressing at a fast pace, and many digital currency networks, such as Ethereum, are using it. Thanks to this emerging technology, the Ethereum network can send emails to its users with the help of Ethermail and ask them for help in the governance processes of the network. Undoubtedly, the development of this network will continue with further growth in the future. Among the best email platforms 3, we can mention the following:

  • Chainmail
  • Skiff
  • Hashmail
  • Dmail Network

Importance of e-mail 3 for decentralized applications

Application of mail 3 in decentralized applications

Over time, decentralized applications (DeFi) have become more popular. In this situation, the existence of a messaging tool such as mail 3 is very important. Because it is mainly used in financial, gaming, NFT and communicating with users. For example, NFT investors may wish to contact directly and privately the holder of the NFT they wish to purchase, without a public tender. Another example would be DeFi applications. These networks may wish to provide notices or alerts to their users, or inform them of governance decisions, vulnerabilities, or public updates.

What is your opinion about the effects of this new email service and what evolution can it have in the field of DeFi? Be in touch with us.

What is the text of email 3? Decentralized e-mail service in blockchain technology for the first time in Wallex blog. appeared.


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