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What is Polygan Supernet? Introducing polygon supernets chain

Polygon network offers solutions with different approaches to increase the scalability of Ethereum. Also from most methods Scalability It supports and helps different chains to work together. Polygon supernet chain (polygon supernets) is one of the new services of Polygon network, the main purpose of launching this feature is to help public acceptance. Web 3 Is. Polygan Supernet enables developers to create and launch their projects in a flexible environment, without the need to pay operational costs, with the support of the Polygan network. To learn more about Polygan’s supernet performance, its role in improving network performance, and its advantages and disadvantages, join us in this article from Valex magazine.

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What are Polygon Supernets?

Polygan Supernet Chain is another Polygan service that helps you to set up a customized and high-performance blockchain network at high speed. In general, supernets are blockchain networks with very different characteristics, whose main purpose is to reduce the challenges in Polygon Edge. These challenges include the need for capital to create a decentralized validator set, the technical complexity of blockchain networks, security concerns, complexities related to token design, and network migration between different architectures. For these reasons, the Polygon development team decided to launch the Polygon Supernet to make the process of building new chains easy for developers.

Before the advent of supernet technology, more than 20 projects were known in Polygon Edge. Among all these launched projects, “NFTs” are leading and developers are working on these projects. The digital currency “MATIC” is the native token of Polygan, and the analysis of MATIC shows that it has suffered a downward trend like other digital currencies.

The most important feature of Polygan Supernet

Each of Polygon’s supernet chains is created and implemented for a specific program, project or case. All blockchains can be secured with the help of Polygon network infrastructure. Also, users who use Polygan’s Supernet to create their own networks can also benefit from Polygan’s network consensus algorithm. Developers no longer need to set up a separate set of nodes and validators, they can take advantage of the security benefits of the Polygon network.

It is possible to manage the supernet chain of the Polygon network by reliable Polygon Edge partners. Setting up, maintaining and upgrading a blockchain network is not an easy task, and most developers do not have the necessary knowledge and expertise to properly implement them. For this reason, developers can entrust all the technical tasks of their programs to them with the help of a group of reliable programmers.

Supernets are allowed to use any architecture in their structure. Using Supernet makes it easy for developers to deploy as well as implement the required architectures. It should be noted that all architectures Polygon Edge They are also available on Supernet Polygan channel. In addition, each supernet can change its underlying architecture at any point. For example, a Supernet could decide to start as an independent Proof-of-Strength network, then move to PoS and finally to Layer 2.

Supernets are connected to each other and to Ethereum. Each supernet is able to exchange value and messages with other supernets and the main Ethereum network. Currently this can be done using the various implementations and integrations that Edge offers.

What role does Polygan’s supernet chain play in improving network performance?

There are many reasons why developers prefer to use Polygon’s Supernet infrastructure to run their applications instead of Ethereum. These reasons include the use of innovative features, use for special cases, or greater control over costs. The Polygon Supernet chain allows developers to go through a more convenient process of building blockchains with specific features.

All the steps of creating and setting up the network in Supernet Poligan, from the main frameworklibp2p” Starts. libp2p is a modular, extensible, and fast networking framework that provides a convenient platform for implementing Polygon’s supernet features. Nodes interact with each other through this network layer and can participate in complex processes such as blog synchronization and consensus.

The blockchain layer is responsible for coordinating block additions as well as state transfers with other Supernet modules to ensure that data is validated and properly transferred to the destination chain. next layerTxPoolIt is a platform for dealing with the status of transactions, and every transaction that is manually added or received from other nodes in the network is processed in this layer. Finally, dApp developers and operator nodes interact with Polygon’s Supernet blockchain.

Steps to set up a blockchain network using Polygon Supernets

Blockchain construction with Supernet Polygon

As a developer, you can create your own blockchain using polygon supernets in 3 steps.

  1. Creating private keys for network nodes: All nodes created in Supernet have a pair of keys that they need to successfully communicate and cooperate with other nodes. These keys include the private key of the validators and the private key of the network.
  2. Block configuration: Users must configure the genesis block in order for the blockchain to use them. The genesis block is the first block created from which the work of all chains begins. At this stage, developers specify which consensus mechanism they want to use, what the block size is.
  3. Setting up the blockchain network: After configuring the network, you can launch the built blockchain.

For a better understanding of this section, we suggest you read the article “What is Blockchain” on the Wallex blog.

Introducing the benefits of the Super Polygan chain

Polygon Supernet has many features and advantages that we will introduce and review below.

a. IBFT PoA/PoS switching: Polygon Supernet gives chains the ability to seamlessly switch between IBFT PoA and PoS consensus modes without having to reset the chain.

b. Backup and recovery: Backing up and restoring chained data is essential. Synchronizing long chains on new nodes takes a lot of time, so having a backup ready to restore exponentially speeds up the process. All this is done without shutting down a single node.

J. Integration with Hashicorp Vault And Amazon SecretsManage: In some cases, sensitive data such as private keys should not be stored on disk. Polygon SuperNet offers the ability to store and manage private keys in Amazon SecretsManage and Hashicorp Vault.

d. Stress test: When trying to discover the throughput of a custom blockchain, choosing the right tools for network stress testing can be difficult. Polygon Supernet offers a upload bot feature that submits transactions to the blockchain and reports performance results.

Supernet, the controversial and new feature of Poligan network

In this article, we examined what polygon supernets are and introduced the advantages and features of this new technology. In general, the Paligan Supernet chain is one of the new services of Paligan, which allows developers to create their projects in a flexible environment, without paying for and supporting the Paligan network. To create a new project, developers need to specify the network capabilities, features and type of consensus mechanism. Then the entire process of creating, setting up, securing and supporting the network is done by the Paligan team.

Do you think that setting up a blockchain network using Polygon Supernets can help improve the performance of decentralized applications? Share your thoughts with us.

What is written by Supernet Poligan? Introducing the polygon supernets chain for the first time on the Wallex blog. appeared.


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