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What is polygon ID? Everything you need to know about Polygan ID

Polygon ID is a service in the Polygon blockchain network that provides the possibility to check the validity of applications that are based on the blockchain, without disclosing people’s personal information. By using this feature, you no longer need to worry about Disclosure of private information It is not users because while keeping this information safe and secure, the process can be done Authentication did the If you want to know what Polygan ID is and get more information about it, stay with us until the end of this article.

What is polygon ID?

Polygon ID is a service that allows blockchain applications to perform authentication operations without disclosing users’ private information. Polygan to launch this service, from a protocol named id3 or uses a decentralized identity that this protocol is based on Zero-knowledge proof or Proof of zero knowledge Is. Using this mechanism, it is possible to verify the encrypted data without revealing it.

One of the founders of Polygan ID says this about this service:

Polygon ID shows everyone how zero-knowledge proof-of-concept algorithms help us build a better world.

Polygon ID can be considered the first service of its kind that has been launched and started working. Based on this service, users who want to participate in blockchain programs, such as initial coin offerings or airdrops, can safely submit their documents and not worry about disclosing their private information.

We have discussed it fully in another article titled What is Paligan, so you can refer to this article for a better understanding of Paligan ID.

Application of polygon ID

The most important use of Polygon ID is in customer authentication or “KYC”, which is used in various matters and some programs require it. In fact, the basis of this authentication service is in the real world, and using the zero knowledge proof algorithm that we explained earlier, it will keep the details of users’ information secret.

Polygon ID properties

Here are some of the most important features of Polygan ID:

  • Having an ID and an identifier based on blockchain
  • Having native protocols to protect users’ privacy
  • Leveraging scalable chain verification to power applications that work in a decentralized manner
  • This system complies with Web 3 privacy principles

Advantages of polygon ID

Polygon ID has advantages and benefits, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Privacy is the right of all people and Paligan ID provides this privacy completely for them.
  • The most advanced algorithms and protocols are used in this service and it can be considered as the latest privacy system.

The future of polygon ID

Polygon ID is still being updated and developed by the manufacturer and it can be referred to as a public platform that organizations can use to maintain the cycle of trust between themselves and customers.

Polygon ID, a way to maintain privacy on the blockchain

Polygon ID is a way to protect the privacy of more users in the blockchain space, and it is expected that by using this service, the details of people’s information will remain undisclosed and protected. This technology comes with the help of various blockchain applications and makes it possible for customers and those who want to authenticate to do so safely.

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