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What is Shebaverse? Getting to know the Shibaverse metaverse project

Maybe just a few years ago when the first name Metaverse technology When blockchain was introduced, no one could have imagined how quickly its capabilities and popularity would increase. Currently, metaverse projects have become a hot topic in the field of technology. One of these projects, which looks very promising compared to others, is called Sibaverse. In this article, we will fully review the features, capabilities and future plans of this project.

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What is Shebaverse?

Sibaverse A metaverse project based on the Ethereum blockchain platform September 2021 start to work. The main goals of this project include things related to the fields of entertainment and education. Using this platform, Sibaverse users can participate in meetings and events, be trained in Shiba academy about blockchain and metaverse technologies, and even engage in P2E (P2E) games and entertainment. Besides these things, it is possible to see job opportunities related to the Shiba Inu ecosystem and their applications in Shibaverse.

In this project, technologies such as virtual reality (VR) It has been used to induce as much as possible the feeling of living in a real world. In general, we can say that the Sibaverse platform is a unique project to keep the Shiba Inu community active, which brings a very clear perspective to the younger generation of users.

Some users equate this platform with Shiba Metaverse; While this is not true at all. Shebaverse one Unofficial project Powered by Metaverse technology, powered by the Shiba Inu community. Development team Shiba He announced that this platform is different from the Sheba Metaverse project, which will be officially presented in the future.

A virtual world with different cities

Shibaverse is a complete virtual world and contains different parts. The capital of this world is Shibasity (Shiba City It is called Shiba City is a coastal area and you will find it more advanced than other parts of this world. In addition to Shibasity, there are two other parts called Shibarium and Shibaswap in this world. The urban parts of the Shebaverse project are organized in the form of blocks. This model of design has created an interactive and attractive environment for its users.

Unlike other metaverse projects, no random elements have been used in the design of Shibaverse. In fact, this world benefits from a modern urban architecture. The buildings and environment are exactly the same as a modern city and have an incredibly realistic design. The use of panoramic renderings has made it possible for users to build their dream house.

What is the Shibaverse project?

In the world of Shibaverse, non-fungible tokens or NFTs play a very prominent role. In other words, the creation of this world has made the token market more prosperous. In the next section, we have discussed this issue in more detail.

Features of Shebaverse

Project shibaverse It has many key features. Some of these features, which have received a lot of attention from the community, include the following:

  • Earn money by playing: The P2E feature, as a trend in the blockchain world, has been fully implemented on this project.
  • Full visual details: Using VR technology will put a city with full details and realistic architecture in front of your eyes.
  • Complete economic ecosystem: Shebaverse has virtual stores, item buying and selling market, and of course free job opportunities. In this virtual world, the economy will always be in flux.
  • The possibility of training and acquiring skills: The training courses held on shibaverse are very useful and valuable for both children and adults.
  • NFT Market 2.0: The non-fungible tokens of this project are literally fantastic! In the next section, we have discussed in more detail the role of NFT in this metaverse world.

NFTs in the Shebaverse world

One of the most important items in the Shibaverse world is related to NFT 2.0s. These tokens can be used in different parts of the world. You can even generate your own NFT. In this part of the article, we will examine the use of these tokens in the Shibaverse project.

Access to the facilities of Shibaverse world

If you own a Shiba NFT, you will have many options in the Shibaverse. By using these tokens, you can participate in the exciting events and challenges of this world. Also, these tokens are used to participate in Shiba Academy courses. This case, especially for parents, is an exceptional opportunity for the growth of their children. Along with all these, the use of Shiba NFT also provides an opportunity to develop the world of Shibaverse.

Unique in the true sense of the word!

Non-fungible tokens are known for their uniqueness; But Shibaverse NFTs have taken this exclusivity to a new level. Every NFT token in this world has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. These tokens play a decisive role, especially in competitive games. Users can train and upgrade their Shiba and increase their power. The more powerful your Shiba, the higher your chances of winning the prize.


Shiba tokens have the ability to multiply and reproduce! If you have a male Shiba and a female Shiba, breeding them will give you Shiba puppies. These puppies (read NFTs) are completely unique and randomly inherit some of their parents’ traits. As soon as they are big and mature, you will be able to sell them as an exclusive NFT and earn money that way.

Shebaverse virtual reality

Shibaverse goals

Shibaverse project has two main goals: entertainment and earning for community users Shiba Inu and creating a platform for education and interaction of the young generation with blockchain technology. In the rest of this section, we have described each of these goals in more detail.

Have fun and earn money with Shibaverse

Shibaverse is trying to increase the satisfaction level of its fan community and attract more users. This platform is well on its way to this goal by providing a complete economic ecosystem and providing job opportunities, along with monetization through gaming and entertainment.

According to the Shibaverse development team, this project is trying to create a complete world for its users. People in this project can have their own unique interests, life, work and personality. Also, the economic ecosystem and the possibility of buying virtual properties also increases the interaction of users with this world.

An educational platform for the young generation

Shibaverse’s goals are not limited to games and entertainment. This project with parts like Shiba Academy And Shiba Studio, pays special attention to the topic of education, especially for children and teenagers. The main topics of this academy are strengthening economic skills as well as children’s programming skills. The project development team has announced that it intends to increase the chances of children to grow and flourish around the world, especially in less developed countries, by providing high-quality education.

Shebaverse entertainment world

Verse token, Shibaverse currency

Like any country, the world of Shibaverse also has its own currency. To buy and sell in this world, you must use VERSE token. Versus is a functional token based on the protocol ERC-20 The Ethereum network has been created. All Shibaverse economic cases, such as game awards, bonuses, participation in voting and other cases, require the use of this token.

According to the white paper of this project, 100% of the circulating supply of Versus is allocated to its community. Therefore, we can conclude that before the official start of the Shibaverse project, this token did not have any pre-sale or initial supply. In the latest update of Verse token on August 19, 2021, about 80% of it is in circulation and 20% of tokens are in reserve.

Shibaverse perspective

The rapid rise in popularity of blockchain and metaverse technologies cannot be denied. For this reason, we can have a lot of hope for the Shibaverse project and similar platforms. This project has clearly stated its goals and has used all its efforts to achieve them.

However, it should not be forgotten that the Shiba Metaverse project, as an official project created by Shiba developers, will soon enter its final phase. This issue can play a decisive role in the future of Shebaverse; But until more official information is released, it is not possible to simply decide whether Shiba Metaverse will have a positive or negative impact on the platform.

Of course, Shiba Metaverse project has focused on Shiba currency instead of Verse token. This issue makes the possibility of parallel movement of these two with each other to be raised.

Metaverse Shebaverse

The sense of living in a chosen world

Shibaverse project is trying to create a whole world on the blockchain platform. This project was created with the aim of providing a fun and educational environment for Shiba community members and provides the ability to earn money through work and even play. To live in this world, you only need to create an account and buy some Verse tokens.

What other valuable features do you think the Shibaverse project has the potential to provide? Share your opinion about this platform and other Metaverse projects with us and other users.

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