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What is starknet? Examining the characteristics and introduction of the second layer StarkNet network

Starknet is a project of Starkware. Starkware can be introduced as a startup that has entered the world of cryptocurrency with the aim of designing Ethereum second layer projects. This startup plays its role in the world of cryptocurrencies by preserving the privacy of Ethereum and helping to increase its scalability. The Starknet project, which we are going to talk about in this article, is equipped with ZK-rollups technology, by which it can perform calculations outside the Ethereum main chain. By means of the Starknet network, not only the speed of the network increases, but also the cost of Ethereum gas is reduced and the congestion of the network is reduced to a minimum. If you want to know what the StarkNet second layer network is and what it is used for, stay with us in this article.

What is starknet network?

Starknet is a network that works on the Ethereum platform. This network helps decentralized applications to scale with the Stark encryption proof system. Also, the Stark network benefits these programs from the advantages of the Ethereum network, i.e. the security and decentralization of this network.

The smart contracts that exist in the Starknet network are written and executed in Cairo language. This language has DAPs that support StarkNet operating system and smart contracts Establishment and comparability they are.

The Starknet project is actually a subset of the Starkware project. In addition to this project, Starkware has other projects such as Stark X and Starks. Stark Net, along with Stark X, are known as methods for scaling based on the Stark algorithm. Among the advantages of these projects, we can mention scalability, reducing the cost of gas and maintaining security. Stark X is used in programs that are independent and their API is compatible with the API of this project. Starknet is also useful for protocols that want to interact with other protocols simultaneously.

Users in the Starknet network can use the Cairo language Deployment of smart contracts be in this project. If you have a contract in the Starknet network, it is possible to interact with other network contracts. An interesting point is the interaction of Starknet contracts with the Ethereum network by sending asynchronous messages.

The mechanism of Starknet is that in the first stage, it will categorize transactions and then it will start sending them for processing and proof.

The Starknet project does not require any permission, and therefore all members of the network, such as developers, provers, arrangers and even ordinary users, can be recognized as shareholders of the network.

The working method of the Starknet network

Proof and verification of calculations are done by Starks, which are known as proof systems. In fact, it will be possible to process large calculations with the help of Starks. Stark’s system also provides documents to confirm the correctness of the calculations and makes it possible to confirm the proof in several different stages.

With the help of the Stark system, very large calculations are performed outside the chain, this system will also lead to the scalability of the blockchain. Off-chain calculations are more cost-effective. In fact, the Stark system has the task of confirming on the chain, which does not require a lot of computing power.

By means of the Stark system, the second layer solutions are collected and will make various transactions with a very good speed. After the transactions, these solutions confirm their proof with the help of Stark’s algorithm in the chain. For this reason, the security of Ethereum is more and its gas is less.

With low transaction fees, a new class of practical applications is possible. In fact, it is this service that makes Starks seem like a good option for increasing the level of satisfaction of the user experience and reducing gas-related costs.

The most up-to-date solutions of the second layer of Ethereum are roll-ups, which by collecting various transactions and compressing them, put them all into a specific block. Most ZK-Rollups cannot be recognized as zero-knowledge proofs. The mistake that most people make is that they get confused in understanding the concept of proof of credibility with proof of zero knowledge.

Starks can also be referred to as “validity proofs” that ensure the stability of the integrity of calculations. In fact, in the collection of credit proof, it is possible to prove the correct transaction between the parties. On the opposite point, i.e. in zero knowledge proof, there is no obligation for the calculator to disclose information. In fact, the work of the calculator in proving zero knowledge is to announce the correctness of the calculations.

The working method of the Starknet project

Services provided by Starknet

In addition to launching the Stark X and Stark Net projects, the Starkware group has also introduced other projects into the cryptocurrency world, which we will talk about below:

  • Cairo: Cairo is used as the computing programming language of StarkX and StarkNet. In fact, all the decentralized programs that are in StarkX and StarkNet are written based on the Cairo language. Cairo is also used to create Stark’s proof for general computations
  • SHARP: This system collects applications written in the Cairo language to create a proof. After creating the proof, the Sharp system will put the proof on the Ethereum network to be verified by Stark validators and reduce gas costs.
  • VeeDo: VeeDo can be referred to as a verifiable delay function that works based on Stark.

Starknet project roadmap

In June 2020, the first version of Stark and the main Vido network was launched, and in August 2020, the Cairo system was launched, and finally, in December 2020, two different programs named ImmutableX and dYdX were deployed in the StarkEx 2.0 project.

The Starknet project is still at the beginning, that is, where it is considered as the starting point for the development of DeFi applications. In fact, Starkwire plans to launch Starknet in three different phases. In the following, we will examine the different steps of Starknet supply:

  • The first step, the planetary phase: in this step, developers can produce scalable applications and test them on StarkNet.
  • The second step, the constellation phase: In the second step, Ethereum gas costs will be reduced and will strengthen the relationship of programs under Starknet. At this stage, it is possible to support the execution of several programs at the same time in Starknet.
  • The third step, universe phase: the last step is related to the decentralization of Starknet activities. Of course, this step was supposed to take place in 2022, which has now passed.
The future of Starknet

Advantages of Starknet network

In the following, we discuss some of the most important advantages of the Starknet network:

  • Scalability: This network includes the security of the second layer of ethereum in order to prove and confirm calculations and at the same time it is scalable.
  • Universal: with this network, it is possible to set up more smart contracts and it can be used in any business area.
  • Composability: With this network, the possibility of composability at the ethereum level is created and this feature causes innovation.

Starknet network projects

Various projects have been launched in the Starknet network, which we will review below:

  • Suez, Qasr, etc. can be mentioned as bridges in the Starknet network that intend to enter the cash flow into this network.
  • Various voting applications operate together on the Starknet platform, including Snapshot and Zorro Protocol.

Starknet, a project of Starkware

Throughout this article, we have discussed the Starknet project in detail, and now you are familiar with its features. StarkNet was created by an Ethereum protocol called StarkWire for layer 2 comparability solution, and now this project makes it possible for decentralized applications to use unlimited scale without needing Ethereum license to perform their calculations. Starknet actually makes it possible to do this without compromising the security of the Ethereum network.

What is Starknet writing? Checking the features and introducing the second layer of StarkNet network for the first time on Wallex blog. appeared.


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