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What is the Aptos network? Introducing APTOS layer one blockchain

The APTOS network is a new layer 1 blockchain that is faster, safer and more scalable than other layer 1 blockchains. This project by the construction team Diem stablecoinFacebook’s blockchain project has been created. The Optos project has entered the world of cryptocurrency with the aim of becoming the most secure blockchain platform and infrastructure for decentralized applications (Dapp). This scalable and secure network has been developing for 3 years and has recently launched its own network.

APTOS network that it Solana’s killer They know that it has come to solve the problems of layer 1 blockchains. In this article, we want to introduce how the Aptos network works, its uses and facilities. If you want to know why the layer 1 network of Aptos has attracted the attention of many investors, stay with Valex until the end.

What is APTOS network?

Aptos is a layer 1 blockchain based on Proof of Stake (proof-of-stake) It supports smart contract and decentralized applications. The construction team of this network is a group of creators of the Meta blockchain project, and the Optos project is one of their new and important achievements. From a conceptual point of view, Aptos can be considered as the successor of Diem Meta project.

Aptos layer 1 network using programming language “Move” It is built to enable fast and secure execution of transactions. In general, this blockchain has its basic principles Scalability, security And Upgradable Has set. Aptos plans to revolutionize the first layer blockchain space with innovative ideas of consensus mechanism, system security, performance optimization and smart contract design. It also wants to create a Web 2-like infrastructure in a decentralized way to help the development of pervasive blockchain and the adoption of Web 3.0. At the same time, Aptos strives to develop a decentralized ecosystem that finds solutions to real-world problems.

Getting to know the history and developer team of the Optos project

Aptos was finally launched on October 12, 2022, after 3 years of development, and a few days after that, its main blockchain network, named Aptos Autumn, was made available to the public. Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching from Aptos Labs are the main founders of this project. Mo Sheik is the project’s CEO and Avery Ching is CTO of Aptus, both of whom are former Meta programmers. As senior engineers in the blockchain industry, they have applied their years of experience and together with a group of hard-working researchers and strategists, have delivered this successful project.

Features and applications of the Optos network

This network has created and released many innovations in consensus, smart contract design, system security, performance and decentralization. In the following, we will examine the most important applications of this network.

1. The Optos blockchain uses the Move programming language to execute transactions quickly and securely. “The Move Prover” is a verifier for smart contracts written in the Move language. This validator also provides additional security for contract invariants and their behavior.

Move programming language

2. In Optos data model, key management system and hybrid tenure options are flexible. This feature provides a safer and more reliable user experience along with the transparency of transactions before signing and light client application protocols.

3. To create high throughput and low latency (low delay), the Optos project has designed a “Pipeline” and modular system for the key stages of transaction processing. These steps include publishing transactions on the network, ordering metadata of blocks, parallel execution of transactions, group storage, and ledger certification. All these steps are independent and work simultaneously.

4. Other parallel execution networks break the atomicity of transactions in such a way that prior knowledge of the data is required to read and write them. But the Optus network does not have such restrictions for developers. This network seamlessly supports the atomicity of transactions, even complex transactions and those with multiple operations defined in them.

5. Optus’ modular architectural design provides flexibility for clients and optimizes them for continuous and on-the-fly upgrades. This blockchain has designed its change management protocols to deploy new technologies and new capabilities of Web 3.

6. Aptos Layer 1 network is testing new technologies to scale the network, its modular design and virtual execution machine support each validator’s internal sharding and homogeneous sharding mode.

Introduction of APTOS network services

APTOS token of the Aptos project

The Optos project is currently in the “Devnet” or development phase. Currently, developers and users are setting up nodes and testing the network. This phase has 4 stages, each of which is known as ALT. Users who intend to participate in these tests must authenticate and it is not a suitable option for Iranian users. Phases 1, 2 and 3 have been completed and now phase 4 is underway. To get more information about phase 4 of the Optos project, go to the site aptos See.

In each of these phases, the selected nodes are rewarded with “APTOS” coin. With a market cap of $2.300 billion, this cryptocurrency ranks 28th among the best digital currencies in terms of market value. Optos Coin has just been launched and has a very high growth potential.

4 stages of network testing

Optos has implemented its test network in 4 stages. In these test nets, users set up a node and test the network performance. Also, the Optos network has considered rewards for the projects that are launched on this network. The purpose of this work is to attract different projects to expand the ecosystem.

Stage 1 of AIT: Decentralized Startup

  • This test net has been completed.

Stage 2 of AIT: Sticking

  • This test net is over.

Step 3 of AIT: Upgrades and Governance

  • This test net has been completed.

Stage 4 of AIT: Geographical location of dynamic validation

  • 1000 participants are selected.
  • Users launch the node and pass the node health check within 12 hours.
  • This test is intended for non-US users.
  • Every ninety 500 Optos coins will be rewarded.

Advantages and features of the Optos blockchain

Optos blockchain features

Although it has not been long since the launch of the Optos project, it has managed to be in the spotlight of everyone. It has even attracted the attention of venture capital companies (VC). The reason for this is several special features and benefits that exist in this project and distinguish it from other blockchains. Some of these features are:

Optos team skills and expertise

The development team of the Optos project is made up of successful engineers and developers who previously worked on Meta’s Diem project. These people brought to Optos all the experience and skills they had gained from the Diem project. For this reason, this project is somewhat more reliable than its counterparts.

Innovative solutions

The Optos project has promised some very exciting and practical solutions from the very beginning. For example, the development team promises that the network will be very fast, scalable and secure. Also, this project is going to be upgraded, which is a big advantage for it.

New network architecture

The modular design of Optos is another advantage of this network. This type of design helps developers to more easily and quickly implement new Web 3 technologies in this project.

New solution for losing private key

One of the problems that most crypto users face is forgetting their password or recovery phrase, which causes them to lose their digital assets forever. Optus helps users who have lost their passwords to recover them in a secure way.

The founders of the Optos project

The founders of the Optos project are one of the main factors in attracting investors and venture capital companies. This project brings the support of Binance and the strategic investment of this company.

Disadvantages and limitations of Optos project

The most important problem of this network is its incompatibility with Ethereum virtual machine. This issue has created problems for DeFi users and developers. Users using bridges, decentralized exchanges, and other DeFi platforms cannot easily work with the Optus ecosystem. Developers also need to master new tools and the Move language in order to launch their own platforms, which is time-consuming.

Optus future plans

The future of Optos

The creation and development of decentralized applications on the Optus network are very good signs that can help expand the scope and growth opportunities of this ecosystem. Also, it seems that Aptos’ Layer 1 network has shown more power after launching its test network and is improving its features at a high speed. Of course, based on the initial community feedback, compared to its competitors, it is in a higher position in terms of the number of transactions processed per second and their finalization time.

Currently, if Aptos can continue to lead with the processing power of 160,000 transactions per second and the finalization time of each transaction in less than one second, there is a possibility that it will surpass many of its competitors in the future. Of course, we have to wait and see what happens in the future and whether this is possible or not.

Aptos layer 1 network; Solana’s powerful rival

In this article, we tried to do a general review of the Optos project. In general, this blockchain is a layer 1 network and aims to become the most secure and scalable blockchain network. It seems that a very good future awaits this project. If the developer team’s promises like stunning performance, low fees, very high security and other features are fulfilled, one can expect a very good return on investment from this project. Badi waited and saw what would happen with Atman Phase 4.

What do you think about APTOS network? Can this blockchain take the place of big projects like Solana and Avalanche?

What is Aptos network writing? Introducing APTOS layer 1 blockchain for the first time on Wallex blog. appeared.


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