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What is the CryptoGenies collection? Introducing the Crypto Genies collection

Crypto Genies is an avatar ecosystem that allows its users to create their own digital identity. Free and real make In this platform, there are thousands of avatars with all tastes so that users can create their best personal identity. Also, users can invest in fashion items, explore different locations and design an ideal world with desired details.

In this article, we will examine one of the NFT projects, the CryptoGenies Collection, which has caused a lot of controversy. To learn more about this project, introduce the features, history and team of the Crypto Genies collection, stay with Valx.

What is Crypto Genies Collection?

Have you ever fantasized about wearing your favorite dress? Do you think about what style of clothing you would like to wear if no one could see you? The CryptoGenies Collection has made this dream a reality. This platform provides users and enthusiasts of the fashion industry with a set of digital fashion tools to empower and discover the next generation of creators and designers.

This collection is an ecosystem of Avatar Web 3, which is the domain of products NFT It also provides official avatars of Warner Music and Universal Music Group to its users. The main goal of this project is to create a platform to display users’ ideas using custom avatars. The Crypto Genies collection strives to bridge the gaps between virtual and physical realities so that celebrities and ordinary people alike can use digital personas to represent themselves in the metaverse.

One of the most important events that has made CryptoGenies famous is the reception and activity of famous celebrities on this platform. CryptoGenies Collection has created avatars for famous musicians such as Justin Bieber, Migos, Cardi B and J Balvin, among whom Justin Bieber used his avatar to promote his Christmas album on Amazon Music.

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The history and team behind the CryptoGenies collection

Guinness was founded in 2016 by the current CEO Akash Nigam. Prior to creating the Genies project, Akash studied computer science and economics at the University of Michigan, after which he went on to found the Genies, Humans, and Blend projects.

The project also has professional board members, including Bob Iger, who spent nearly 50 years at Disney. Before stepping down in 2020, he spent nearly 15 years as Disney’s CEO alongside the project. Other prominent investors in CryptoGenies include Mary Meeker, a top startup investor, New Enterprise Associates, an American venture capital firm, and Breyer Capital, an investment fund run by James W. Breyer.

The CryptoGenies Collection has not offered any tokens since its inception and currently has no plans to create one. In this platform, instead of creating a new token, it is supposed to be from Coin flu (FLOW) be used.

Introducing the features of the Crypto Genies collection

Features of the Crypto Genies collection

Users can create an avatar with complete details such as face composition, eyebrow size and clothing type based on their taste in CryptoGenies Collection. Finally, the avatar created on this platform acts like a digital avatar and it can be edited in the format GIF There is. Creating an avatar on this platform is similar to watching an animated version of the user on the screen.

One of the most important features of the CryptoGenies project is that the creators of a work can act as sellers of various avatars or digital clothing designers. The development team of Guinness, this role as Digital Depot introduces These people can stay at the forefront of the collection and help design and personalize avatars for users in the future.

Detailed information on location and individual experiences of the platform has not yet been released, but CryptoGenies promises customization based on user interests. You can use all purchased Guinness avatars in various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram stories, etc. in the form of GIFs.

What is the price range of the CryptoGenies collection?

Crypto Genies Group built on the FLOW blockchain and then launched NBA Top Shot. All the features that this project offers are created on the Flow platform. These features are available in the Warehouse at a price of around $20 per item. However, until July 2022, it was not possible to buy and trade in CryptoGenies.

In April 2022, the platform received a $150 million funding round managed by Silver Lake. They also took a little distance from social networks to focus on the 4 important principles of their ecosystem: avatar, fashion, spaces and individual experiences. Instead of buying a pair of jeans or accessories, users can now apply for a custom-designed avatar directly through the site.

The market for selling crypto genies

Since launch, CryptoGenies has focused more on influencer marketing and publishing its NFT marketplace. The Warehouse peerless token market was supposed to launch in late 2021; But until today it has not been launched yet and its features and accessibility are limited. Currently, users can only request to be a seller, and there is no access to purchase accessories in the store. There is generally little room for new buyers, and current options are limited to applying for a designer position in a store or as a seller of various avatar types.

Currently, the development team of this project has published a farewell message on their blog and stated that they are now only in contact with avatar creators, users and candidates who want to join the project. All people who have Crypto Genies avatars and people who plan to join this project are eagerly waiting for news and new events.

What does the future hold for CryptoGenies?

The Crypto Genies project appears to be on hiatus, but its development team has stated, “As Web 3 grows in popularity, so will the way we present ourselves online.” This project was supposed to be launched by the end of 2021, but it is still in the phase of attracting capital and developing the project. Although it is not possible to predict the future of this project until the public release, it will be amazing to see how the Crypto Genies team will influence the way users interact in the metaverse and online space.

How do you think the NFT industry will change with the development of CryptoGenies? Can this project become one of the best in this industry? Please share your thoughts with us.

What is the writing of the CryptoGenies collection? Introducing the Crypto Genies collection for the first time on Wallex blog. appeared.


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