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What is the future of NFTs in Iran and the world?

NFTs are non-fungible and unique tokens. These digital assets include artwork, music, video, etc. also, Blockchain NFTs It stores all data related to transactions. For this reason, the producer of the work is identified in it and no one can claim its ownership. To learn more, you can read the article What is NFT?

In your opinion, what is the future of NFT in Iran and other countries of the world? Will NFTs crash or become a valuable asset among investors?

Four scenarios for the future of NFT

Perhaps in years past, it would have been unthinkable to even think of a GIF file or a JPEG file as a collection of art. But today we see that this file is referred to as NFT, whose market reached more than 49 billion dollars in 2021. These unique digital tokens are designed by artists and are bought and sold on the Internet. Finally, their investors get huge profits. There are approximately four scenarios for the future of NFT, which are:

First scenario: stabilization of NFTs in the market

Past experience has proven that when a new innovation appears, people are quick to reject it. But after some time, we see that the prosperity of that market is increasing. This happened to digital currencies as well. After the introduction of digital currencies in the market, many traditional investors rejected them and called them worthless. But today we see that Digital currency market It is very prosperous. For the future of NFT, the same scenario can be considered, which will stabilize in the future with a slow trend in the market.

Second scenario: main assets in the virtual world

Since the virtualization of our real lives with the help of the Metaverse is very likely, many venture capitalists are considering this scenario for the future of NFTs. Because they count on Metaverse in their daily life and NFTs also play an important role in the world of Metaverse. To use Metaverse, you must own NFTs and use them as your primary asset.

The third scenario: the boom of video games

Many cryptocurrency companies offer their assets as part of a game, of which we have seen many examples. With this process, it is possible Video games prosper a lot. Hence, gamers can purchase unique game-related assets with the help of NFTs.

Scenario 4: NFT market crash

Despite all the growth NFT has shown, some experts are still skeptical about it. They believe that NFTs are like all other bubbles Digital currenciesOne day it will crack and fall. However, NFT is growing and the future of NFT is far from this scenario.

Factors affecting the future of NFT

Due to the different culture and level of development in each country, the future of NFT may also be different. For example, usually advanced technologies are imported to Iran much later than other countries. Hence, there are factors that can affect progress NFT to affect These factors include:

Important features and capabilities of NFT

Society and culture

NFTs can influence the culture of a society. Like many NFT projects which first affect the culture and society and then, the same culture becomes the main drivers for the progress of that project. They have the ability to change the world. On the other hand, people are demanding more features from NFTs due to their interest in them. This is exactly the community that can build the future of NFT and drive it forward.

Working documents

One of the capabilities of NFTs is to be used as verification of certificates, medical records and diplomas. Therefore, many company managers can view their employees’ documents in this way. The more the more NFT capability If it is used and known among people, a better future will be formed for it. Also, this feature of NFT prevents fraud and misuse of other people’s documents.

Simplicity in use

NFTs are very simple to use and people are easily adopted. Because of this, everyone has the possibility to use NFT and NFT market also expands. Of course, we suggest that you watch a small tutorial before entering this world to familiarize yourself with its environment. Everyone can use NFT and hence drive the future of NFT forward.

Application of NFT

NFTs in business

One of the features of NFT is the automatic recording of all changes on it. For example, if you consider your house as an NFT, with this feature, you no longer need to record all its changes after buying and selling. Because when your house, which is NFT, is sold; Its sale is recorded in the desired data. So any changes on it do not need to be manually registered by you. This feature of NFT can be considered a positive feature in business. The buying and selling of NFTs are done much more accurately and quickly, and there is no need for registration and manual buying and selling methods. On the other hand, no one can Ownership of NFT documents Make a change and abuse it.

Ownership tracking in NFTs

As we mentioned above, one of the capabilities of NFTs is to record all changes on it. Hence, it is easy to determine the ownership of an NFT asset. This is a very positive feature that ensures that people’s property ownership is not abused. For example, imagine that a painter prepares his artwork by hand and sells it. After that, the buyer can claim the ownership of this work of art in his name and tell everyone that this work is his.

NFT ownership tracking

But when the same work is designed as a digital artwork in the form of NFT, no one can register its ownership in his name. Because the original ownership of the work is recorded on NFT data. So, this feature can lead the future of NFTs to progress.

The future of NFT in Iran

Digital currency market, NFT And Metaverse world are a global market and cannot be considered specific to a country or city. Like digital currencies, NFT also reached Iran when they entered the global market, and currently, many investors are active in the digital currency market. Of course, it is true that there are limitations in this market, but anyway, this market has found its way to Iran.

In the same way, NFT currently has many fans in Iran. Enthusiasts who are busy designing and making nft and buying and selling it. The future of NFT in Iran, like all other countries, is progressing.

What is the future of NFTs in Iran and the world? The first time in the blog Valx. appeared.


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