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What is the zapper platform? Learning how to work and earn money from the Zapper platform

Zapper website one Comprehensive DeFi asset management platform (Defi) which has been able to provide new facilities to its users with the discussion of DeFi projects. Considering the difficulties in farming, it is better to use Zepper as a dashboard to manage your portfolio. This platform provides you with special features and manages your liquidity pools.

Also, the Zepper website has recently created a new section where you can increase your points by completing the defined tasks and finally get a reward. Follow this article to learn about the zapper platform and how to earn money from it.

Introducing the Zapper platform

The Zapper platform is an all-in-one dashboard. In fact, it performs various services in a variety of blockchain networks on a single platform. One of the most important features of zapper is the automatic selection of the best platform for making transactions. Currently, the DeFi sector is attracting more attention from investors than ever, and Zapper Finance, known as, is the result of the merger of two projects, DeFiZap and DeFiSnap. This means that you can use liquidity pools while taking advantage of the best portfolio analysis tools in the crypto space.

Currently, this platform supports more than 50 DeFi protocols in different sectors such as AMM, lending and yield farming in different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Cello, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche.

What features does the zapper platform have?

The Zapper platform offers a wide range of features, which we will introduce below:

  • By using the Exchange option, you can swap around 3,000 tokens on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche networks.
  • Existence of liquidity pool (Pool) in Ethereum, Binance Smart China, Polygon and Avalanche networks
  • Using the Farm option to cultivate profit in the Ethereum, Polygon and Smart Chain networks
  • Providing the required capital in the Savings section on the Ethereum and Polygon networks
  • Funds or Vault in the Ethereum and Polygon networks
  • Inter-chain bridge (Bridge) to convert ether and ERC-20 tokens to the Polygon network (Optimism network will be added to it soon).
  • Address Book section to choose names for wallet addresses and ease of finding addresses

How to use the Zapper platform

In this platform, you can invest in Defi using various options and save your gas time and money significantly. You can also work with leading DeFi protocols such as UniSwap, Yren Finance, Balancer and Crow Finance without having to visit many websites or enter a digital currency exchange.

You don’t need to register and create an account when you start working with the Zapper platform.

Training to work with the zapper platform

First connect to your wallet. If needed, you can connect to one or more wallets. To do this, click on the Connect Wallet option.

Choosing a wallet on the zapper platform

On this page, you can choose the wallet you want.

In the next step, you will come across a questionnaire that asks about your method and strategy for investing in DiFi. This questionnaire will help you understand the type of investment and test your goals and risk tolerance.

After confirming the strategy, you enter a Zaps. In the Insert tab, you can see the supported protocols. You can also add cash, get rewards and do other things like voting points in this section. The Zapper platform does not charge you any fees and does not take care of your assets. You only have to pay for Ethereum gas during Zap In and Zap Out.

Making money from Zapper platform for Iranian users

Currently, this platform has not set any restrictions for Iranian users and you can use Zapper services without changing your IP address.

To earn money from the zapper platform, you need to complete certain tasks. By doing each of them, you can get points for that section. Points include 2 parts:

XP: These points are used to increase the user level of your own address. If you reach level 5, you can complete the final task of placing one of the zapper platform NFTs as your wallet profile picture and get the credit for it.

Volt: This score is displayed with the Latin letter “V”. Wallets are used to create the platform’s NFT cards and tokens. These unique tokens are very effective for increasing your score and you can sell them on the OpenSea market.

The more points you can earn, the better rewards you will receive. For this reason, we suggest you follow these tasks continuously and do them.

  • First task: daily to the main Zepper website visit
  • Second task: Provide liquidity in its pools on a weekly basis or withdraw your liquidity from them.
  • The third task: Use Exchange and Swap weekly.
  • The fourth task: Put cash in the Save section every week.
  • The fifth task: Set one of the zapper nfts as your wallet profile picture.

To do each of these tasks, you must Metamask wallet Connect yourself to the Zapper platform and confirm the transactions. You also need to sign transactions in the wallet to withdraw points. The zapper platform supports different wallets; But Metamask is a better option to use in zapper because it supports multiple networks.

Metamask wallet on the zapper platform

tip: It is better to use a network other than Ethereum. Because the transaction fee of this network is very high and because these tasks must be done every week, it is better to choose a network that has a lower fee.

Advantages of the zapper platform

This platform allows you to track your position among the most popular DeFi protocols such as Balancer, Crew, UniSwap and Synthetics. You can also view your assets by platform and transfer cash to supported protocols. One of the main advantages of using the Zapper platform is How to facilitate the financial process It is.

Normally, manually extracting cash takes a lot of time, but with the zapper platform, this time is shortened because there is no need to search through multiple protocols. The reason for this speed is the consolidation of loans, margin transactions and consolidation in Zaps. You can combine many trades in one trade with the zapper platform Ethereum gas cost savings do.

Disadvantages of the zapper platform

You should always use your own knowledge and expertise when using this platform. Save the zapper platform website address in your browser and enter the site only through this way. You should not click on links in suspicious emails, regardless of their legitimacy. There is a possibility that this email is a phishing scheme.

The risks of using the Invest feature are the same as other types of liquidity risk. If you take the opportunity of a liquidity provider on any DeFi platform, you expose yourself to potential smart contract flaws. If you transfer a lot of money, you can take care of your money by buying insurance from companies like Nexus Mutual. However, the Zepper platform developer team is working on smart contracts, but you should be aware of the risks in the ecosystem. Remember that there is a possibility of creating problems and risks when transferring tokens from different pools.

One of the most important risks that may occur when using the zapper platform is user slippage and error during purchases and transactions. You can choose the slippage tolerance and the maximum percentage you are willing to lose. This feature helps you avoid entering into a high-cost transaction.

zipper; Asset management in the world of DeFi

Zapper is quickly becoming one of the top DeFi management platforms. The platform earns its funding entirely with the strong support of its community and fulfilling the demands of farmers and liquidity providers. It also informs you about DeFi applications and platforms. Most of the time, new dApps are visible on the Zapper platform dashboard within days of release.

In this article, we discussed the zapper and introduced its advantages and disadvantages. What do you think about this platform? Can we monetize it?

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