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What is the zero layer of blockchain? The role and components of the basic layer of blockchain

Blockchain is a ledger where digital currency transactions are recorded. This technology can be considered completely interdisciplinary in which sciences such as economics, cryptography, computers, etc. are used. In general, this technology eliminates intermediaries and reduces costs, and further facilitates the exchange of information and assets. If you are working in the field of digital currencies and Blockchain, probably with the term Blockchain zero layer You have also encountered In this article, we intend to fully explain the layers of the blockchain; So stay with us until the end.

What is the zero layer of blockchain?

The 1st layer of the blockchain is networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which provides a space for decentralized applications (DApps) such as Uniswap, Aave and Axis Infinitiy to be built on it. With these interpretations, what is the zero layer of the blockchain? This layer allows the entire blockchain to be born and develop on its platform. This layer contains the protocols, connections, hardware, miners, and other components that form the backbone of the ledger space. With a common underlying layer such as blockchain layer zero, better cross-chain interoperability is provided to traders.

The purpose of building the zero layer of blockchain is actually to form a basic framework for all the functions that occur in layer 1. Networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have blockchain in layer 1, are trying scalability problem solve and improve the performance of blockchain space. Without layer zero, this problem will increase.

The scalability problem occurs when the speed of data processing and payment decreases as the network space expands and more people use it.

To better understand layer zero of the blockchain, consider this example: If DApps are store buildings that everyone visits, layer 1 is the piece of land on which the store building is built. Now, the zero layer is the roads that connect each piece of land to another and provide communication between them.

How does blockchain layer zero work?

As we mentioned, this layer connects blockchains to the main blockchain by building a framework for developers and distributes the workload between them. In general, blockchain layer zero consists of channels that validate data based on user-defined functions. This layer consists of several consensus mechanisms such as PoW And PoS It is used to improve network topology.

Layer zero has several very important uses. First, it eliminates the excessive dependence of existing blockchains in the system to build decentralized applications or other projects; Because it is difficult to start and build a blockchain by itself. Developing a layer 1 blockchain on a layer zero protocol is just like creating an application on a layer 1 blockchain.

The second thing that layer zero does is to create a multi-chain network that facilitates collaboration between blockchains. In this way, layer one projects can leave the scalability problem to layer zero. Another benefit that the zero layer of blockchain has for users is that they can interact with several things in the basic layer of the blockchain without having to move anywhere by tokens, instead of one blockchain.

The three zero-layer blockchain protocols that have pushed other competitors aside from the users’ point of view are:

  • Polkadot
  • Avalanche
  • cosmos
Three layers of blockchain

In between, Polkadot It is more popular than others. This zero-layer blockchain unites a whole network of purpose-built blockchains and allows them to easily communicate and work with each other. Polkadat from networks under the title Parachains And Para-threads It is used to communicate with other networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Among the projects and applications built on the zero layer of the Polkadat blockchain, you can: ChainX Cited.

The main components of the zero layer of the blockchain

This layer consists of three main components:

main chain

named Rely layer is also known. This part acts as the main blockchain in which the data of the transactions carried out in the networks of a blockchain layer is supported.


Independent blockchains are on layer one, running parallel to the main chain. As independent networks, each has its own tokens, mechanisms, and protocols, but may rely on the main chain for security.

Cross-chain transfer protocol

It is a protocol that ensures the security of information exchange between independent blockchain networks.

An image of the blockchain

The future of blockchain layer zero

Blockchain layer zero is another wonder of this world. The adoption and development of Web 3 in layer 1 has obstacles that can be hoped to solve the challenges of scalability and mutual cooperation of chains with the help of the basic blockchain layer.

In this article from Valx, we tried to examine one of the most important layers of blockchain and examine its dimensions. What other projects do you know that have been developed on this platform?

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