Where are we in the adoption phase?

I saw this clip of Andreas Antonopolous from 4 years ago, where he says the people in the room are still a lunatic fringe, before the early adopters.

I am curious, do people think we are currently in the “early adopters” phase, or further down the line?

Thank you.



hello my name is amir; i love bitcoin and dogecoin 🎯

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  1. Do you get paid in BTC? Do you use BTC every day? Week? Month? Year?

    I’ve been buying BTC for years and I have yet to make a single purchase with it. Why would I when credit cards basically pay me to use them? One single rewards card is like $500 in free money and you can churn a handful of those per year. On top of that I get a myriad of benefits.

    Bitcoin gives me… An inconvenient way of sending money if literally no other option is available.

    That should be enough to tell you where you are in the adoption process.

  2. My favourite comment:


    4 years ago

    The only Issue I have with his take on if “we” become the mainstream is the psychological impact that Bitcoin’s price has on people because of its price. What does average Joe think when Bitcoin breaks past $20,000 and sets a new all time high and then crashes down and falls at support of >$20,000. Would love to hear your guys’ thoughts.

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