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Today there is another new project that we had already tested recently and were in contact with the German founder. 🔥🔥

2 of my partners know the co-founder personally, for a few years.

!!! Be ready for Croesus Asset Management !!!

A combined project of central and decentralized, a German Founder & CEO, properly registered and contactable at any time.

The Ceo has been working in the financial market for 22 years and takes over the central part of the company – trading is carried out with a business broker account with Singaporean/Swiss roots and a crypto business account, since trading takes place both in the traditional and in the crypto market.

✅ Starts at $100
✅ about 8 – 10% per month

#Investments are made in the form of an NFT – there are a total of 1621 NFTs with a total value of $1 million ($100, $1000, $10000 and $100000), after which it is over until the second series NFT comes onto the market in December, combined with an NFT marketplace.
The commissions are generated from the deposits, means :
For example, you invest $100, $15 of this $100 goes to sales and $5 to a pool, more on that below.
This means that the customer receives an investment sum of $80 – sounds strange at first, but this ensures that commissions are not generated out of thin air and love like in a snowball system.
The yields amount to approx. 100 – 120% per year (approx. 8-10% per month), yields are automatically used again for the next trade, i.e. direct compound interest effect. But it doesn’t just go up when there is a “drawdown” in trading, the portfolio value can also go negative in the short term. It therefore makes sense to let the whole thing work for now.
The deposit, or the nft, is frozen for 30 days after staking, after which it can be sold back to the company and you get your 80% deposit back, including returns.
The nft is burned and is therefore off the market, but:
Series 1 and Series 2 nft owners get an extra benefit, which exactly isn’t clearly fixed yet.
Anyone who stakes a 100, a 1000 and a 10000 nft can benefit from the pool, i.e. 5% company turnover, and there will also be the opportunity for salespeople to reach this pool.
With commissions that are generated, it happens that some members on the structure tree are not fully entitled to commission due to their own turnover. Compression takes effect here and the next qualified person receives the commission.
Everything that has not been paid out at the end of the 15% commission on 10 levels also goes into the pool.

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download WIN A FREE NFT! Which generates you passive Income – Croesus Asset Management – Investing – Trading

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